Thursday, October 28, 2004

Anyone care to venture a guess as to what Ralph Nader is planning to say at his press conference this morning? "It will be covered by CNN, NBC, and C-Span 2 live among others," we're told.

Dropping out? Not bloody likely. Probably the same-old-same-old about evil Democratic ballot-access Nazis. (I've actually thought for a while that fighting Nader on ballot access was a bad idea, but enough already, Ralph -- the world is on fire and this has become the main issue of your campaign?)

UPDATE: Huge surprise -- he's staying in. So he got the media to show up for a news event with no news. Sort of like when a certain major-party presidential candidate from Texas adds a few new attack lines to the same old stump speech and gets the press to call it a new speech. Birds of a feather....

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