Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sinclair Broadcast Group says Stolen Honor isn't a Bush campaign ad, but it ought to be noted that filmmaker Carlton Sherwood's Red, White and Blue Productions shares a mailing address and phone number with Quantum Communications in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The "principal" of Quantum Communications (here he's called the CEO) is Charles R. Gerow -- a delegate to this year's Republican convention and a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association. Other items listed on Gerow's RNLA page:

Reagan/Bush Campaign Field Staff, 1980

Active involvement in numerous campaigns

Advance work in 6 Presidential campaigns

Alternate Delegate at Large, 1988

Dole for President, surrogate speaker,1996

Lawyers for Bush, 2000

He's a bit of a gadfly -- an anti-taxer who ran against GOP moderate Bill Goodling for Congress in 1996 and 1998 (he nearly pulled off an upset in '96, getting 45% of the vote; in '98 he won endorsements from Grover Norquist, Gary Bauer, and Ed Meese), and he supported Pat Toomey in the GOP primary against Arlen Specter this year. But he's no independent.

Oh, and, amusingly, Quantum Communications is providing "strategic counsel and media relations" for AccuPoll, Inc., which makes touch-screen voting machines (although Gerow may be bucking the GOP establishment in this -- AccuPoll's machines give a paper receipt).

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