Friday, October 29, 2004


Huge Democratic turnout in early voting in Broward

...Although Democrats account for half of all registered voters in the county, they comprise more than 60 percent of the 95,000 people who have voted early....

Jim Kane, a bipartisan local pollster and editor of the Florida Voter newsletter, sees the trend as an early indicator that Kerry is on track to get the numbers he needs out of Broward.... "The Republicans are getting their butts kicked on getting out the vote," Kane said. "The Democrats are doing a much better job, and that doesn't bode well for Bush on the day of election."...

--Florida Sun-Sentinel

Among 16 percent of Florida voters who said they had cast early ballots, Kerry received 56 percent of those compared to Bush's 39 percent.


My new Reuters numbers will show Kerry moving into the lead in Florida.

--pollster John Zogby, Washington Post online chat

(Links via Democratic Underground and MyDD.)

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