Thursday, October 14, 2004


"...he's advised the President Bush..."

A reader points e-mailed me this Real Audio link to a November '03 Judicial Watch radio show in which host Tom Fitton interviews Carlton Sherwood, the maker of the anti-Kerry documentary that's soon to be shown on Sinclair's TV stations, and says of him, about two minutes into the show, "he's advised the President Bush [sic]."

Is that so? Is that a factual error on Fitton's part, or is what he said accurate? And if Sherwood really was a Bush adviser, in what capacity? On what subject?

According to Sherwood's bio at the Stolen Honor Web site, here's what he was up to in 2003:

In early 2003, Sherwood was named executive vice-president for the wvc3 Group, an antiterrorism, security firm in Reston, VA. Later that year he traveled to Iraq to conduct a theater-wide fact-finding mission....

Hmmm -- according to Nicholas Lemann in The New Yorker, Bob Woodward has said that Bush told him this about Iraq:

"I have no outside advice. Anybody who says they're an outside adviser of this Administration on this particular matter is not telling the truth.... The only true advice I receive is from our war council...."

While working for wvc3 Group in 2003, Sherwood, the ex-newspaperman and Sun Myung Moon apologist, managed to get a couple of pro-administration stories about the war published in friendly right-wing publications. So is that how he was advising the White House -- as a propagandist? And if so, how long did the relationship continue?

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