Wednesday, April 16, 2003

A new shooting in Mosul -- three dead ...

A shooting in this northern city killed three people and wounded at least 11 Wednesday, a day after seven Iraqis died when American troops opened fire, U.S. officials said, to keep an angry crowd from storming a government complex.

Few details of Wednesday's incident were immediately available, but some Iraqis blamed U.S. troops. The shooting appeared to have taken place at an open-air market about 300 to 400 yards from the governor-general's office.

Tensions have been high in Mosul, a city of 700,000 people where Arabs and Kurds are highly suspicious of each other....


The story goes on to quote General Vincent Brooks, who says American troops were shot at, and Iraqi witnesses, who said American troops fired at crowds.

If they don't positively ID that corpse as Laci Peterson, maybe you'll see this story on the evening news.

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