Tuesday, April 15, 2003

It's getting harder and harder to be a right-winger these days -- so many people and institutions to boycott, so many moral crusades to mount, so many violations of conservative correctness to police....

Right-wingers who want everyone to cancel subscriptions to HBO because Bob Costas had Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon as guests on his show.

Right-wingers who want the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to take Michael Moore's Oscar back.

How must it feel to be a conservative these days? Everywhere righties turn, there's something new that falls morally or patriotically short, some seemingly innocent thing they can't buy or rent or look at or listen to because evil will triumph if they do. This must be making them crazy.

Sure, we have a boycott or two going here and there on the left, but I don't know any lefty who's boycotting Dennis Miller or Ted Nugent or Charlie Daniels or Arnold Schwarzenegger. We certainly would never bother to boycott this many celebrities (scroll down). Who could be bothered? Well, the folks who are boycotting this many celebrities could. I count 97 -- and these people are boycotting them all. ("Will we go see or support ONE movie or television project by these people?  HELL NO --- WE WON'T GO!!")

This kind of thou-shalt-not finger-wagging is going to be the death of the right. And I can't wait.

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