Thursday, April 24, 2003

The Anti-Antiphrasist (which now has links, by the way, and is now on my blogroll) points to the blog of Steve Bates, the Yellow Doggerel Democrat, who was recently called for jury service in a Texas capital-murder case and had to answer quite a few questions he found disturbing. Some -- the ones asking about relationships to lawyers, prosecutors, and psychiatrists -- seem familiar to me from jury duty here in New York; others strike me as rather intrusive:

* Would you consider yourself liberal, moderate or conservative?

* Do you have a political affiliation?

* Do you have any relationship with the ACLU?

* What is your religious affiliation?

* What political action groups do you belong to?

* What bumper stickers are on your car?

The questionnaire also asked,

* Have you, a relative or a close friend ever had an unpleasant experience with a black person?

Black jurors received a questionnaire with the same question.


The Anti-Antiphrasist also notes this analysis of an Iraq crowd photo from London's Evening Standard. Subtle, but I agree -- I think it was doctored.

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