Tuesday, April 15, 2003

The artist known as Rowena admits her fantasy-art paintings - filled with snarling dragons, Fabio lookalikes and buxom damsels - can attract an offbeat clientele.

But Saddam Hussein?

The upstate painter was stunned to learn two of her campy, sexually charged artworks wound up at the tyrant's love shack in Baghdad.

And now she wants her '80s-vintage paintings back - taloned serpents, bare-breasted babes and all....

--New York Daily News

Damn, I wish I'd sprung for the high-priced blog so I could post the link's (regrettably tiny) reproduction of one of Rowena's paintings. You know, I really wouldn't blame any Iraq war fan who wants to snicker at Saddam for his art preferences -- the problem is, most pro-war types would probably see Rowena's work and say, "Hey, that Saddam was a bloodthirsty evildoer, but he had really, really good taste."

(Thanks to dutcher for the link.)

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