Monday, January 21, 2008


First of all, thanks again, guest bloggers.

And now, yes, I'm bummed at the ongoing Clinton-Obama war, I'm bummed at Digby's very accurate post about how eager Democrats are to fight with Democrats (though not with Republicans)....

But I'm not bummed to learn that Rudy Giuliani's campaign is plummeting to earth so fast that he now trails John McCain by double-digit margins in his own state in not one but two polls -- Siena (McCain 36, Giuliani 24) and WNBC/Marist (McCain 33, Romney 19, Giuliani and Huckabee 18).

And in addition to that, there's a great teaser headline at the ABC News politics page:

Giuliani Pouts, Pleads to Ride at Daytona

Pouts? Yeah, that's what we need -- another pouty president. Here's the story:

Republican presidential candidates have wooed so-called "NASCAR voters" for years, but GOP candidate Rudy Giuliani took it to the next level Monday at the Daytona International Speedway, pleading with officials to let him ride in a pace car.

It all started with an impromptu campaign stop at the famous track. The former Mayor sat in the front passenger seat as his campaign bus took a lap around the empty track at high speed. Music from the movie "Rudy" blared from speakers.

But when it was all over, Giuliani, who is staking his campaign on Florida, was riding high and wanted more.

"Can I drive a pace car?" Giuliani asked a race track official.

"Sorry sir," he said, "we gotta get you to the Town Hall, we got people waiting."

"I wanna ride the pace car!" Giuliani said, looking disappointed, his voice rising angrily.

"Next time, next time," the official said.

Giuliani didn't give up.

"All right, well let's come back one more time," Giuliani said. "During the campaign, I wanna ride a pace car! Will you let me ride a pace car? Do I need a license for that?"

... "One time, boys. One time," he pleaded, his voice whining. Walking away, Giuliani smiled and said, "We're all little boys, don't you know that?"

Giuliani: Bush on a bagel.

Video here.

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