Saturday, March 20, 2021


Everyone who follows politics knows that J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy, wants to run for the Ohio Senate seat that's being vacated by Rob Portman. Peter Thiel has given $10 million to a Vance super PAC to fund this run. Vance just published a Newsweek op-ed in which he played some of white nationialism's greatest hits:
There were many reasons I [backed Trump's reelection in 2020], but nothing stands out as much as a dinner I attended with my wife and the leaders of dozens of America’s wealthiest corporations....

The Republicans, we’re often told, are the party of the rich and famous. Yet nearly everyone assembled at this dinner simply loathed Donald Trump. He was the focus of nearly every conversation. And then the hotel CEO announced, “Trump has no idea how much his policies are hurting business. I mean, we can’t keep people for $18 an hour in our hotels. If we’re not paying $20, we’re understaffed. And it’s all because of Donald Trump’s immigration policies.”

... Despite the enormous challenges facing America’s working class, those same masters of the universe and the politicians they fund are still looking for the same thing: cheap foreign labor. No one seems to care that many migrants test positive for COVID every day and will directly compete with our struggling service sector workers.

... Why are we promising amnesty for millions when we know the vicious transnational drug cartels use that promise to sell desperate people on the promise of crossing the border?

The answer is what I saw at that dinner: It’s about money. Nearly every major business and financial leader in this country is a supporter of the Democratic Party.
But now Scott Lemieux writes:

If you’re wondering why J.D. Vance was throwing out some preemptive racisms, well here you go:
Josh Mandel, a candidate in the 2022 Republican primary in the U.S. Senate, had a post removed by Twitter on Thursday.

Mandel posted a poll on Twitter on Thursday morning reading, “Of the various types of illegals flooding across the border, will more crimes be committed by,” with the options of “Muslim Terrorists” or “Mexican Gangbangers.”
However, there'll be a third major candidate in the primary -- former state GOP chair Jane Timken. She describes herself as the "one candidate in this race who was hand-picked by President Trump to run the Ohio Republican Party." She called for the resignation of an Ohio GOP congressman who voted to impeach Trump in January. The first words in her first campaign ad are
President Trump won Ohio twice because he stood up and fought for hard-working Americans. I'm Jane Timken, and I'm running for the U.S. Senate to defend the Trump agenda.
Axios reported that Trump had to be talked out of giving her an early endorsement.

How much does she love Trump? This much:

It'll be a three-person race, which means it's hard to tell who'll prevail -- but we know they'll all be tring to out-MAGA, out-meme, and out-xenophobe one another. It wll be a race to the bottom, the worst Senate primary in America. And given Ohio's rightward drift, the winner is almost certain to win the general election.

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