Wednesday, March 17, 2021


That would be this Marco Rubio:

Rubio doesn't say "China virus" or "kung flu" himself. He's just used the pandemic as an excuse to bash China every chance he can. And, of course, he fully backed a president who says "China virus" regularly, most recently in an interview on Fox last night. Rubio's appearance on that March 20, 2020, Hannity broadcast was followed by a segment featuring Karl Rove, who said, "This idea that calling it the Wuhan virus or the China virus is somehow or another racist is just ridiculous." Appearing as Hannity's guest between Rubio and Rove was Nigel Farage, who said, "So, you know, let's be clear -- this is the fault of China."

And now there's an uptick in anti-Asian racism, and Rubio is shocked, shocked.

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