Tuesday, March 23, 2021


One of the people who called 911 during the Boulder massacre referred to the shooter as a white male. The police affidavit for his arrest listed his race and sex as "White/Male."

But although he'd be identified by most Americans as a white man (see the photo here), his name is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, and he was born in Syria. He was known to have a violent temper and was described by family members as paranoid, but he had only minor run-ins with the law and, it seems, no contact with mental health professionals. So of course he could buy a gun.

For those of us who have vivid memories of the War on Terror era, it's odd to see right-wing commentators choosing not to emphasize the shooter's ethnicity in their hot takes on the massacre. Instead, they're attacking liberals for jumping to the conclusion that he was white.
Several prominent leftists took to social media and immediately assumed the shooter in Boulder, Colorado, was white before details about his identity were released....

Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris, said Tuesday morning she deleted a tweet about the suspect.

“I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting,” Harris wrote. “I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are carried out by white men.” ...

Deadspin senior writer Julie DiCaro and USA Today editor Hemal Jhaveri also blamed the shooting on “a white man.”

“A white man walked into a grocery store in Boulder, killed 10 people, and was apprehended by the police and walked out of the building completely unharmed,” writer Dylan Park stated in a now-deleted tweet that had been liked over 125,000 times.
Right-wingers passing up an opportunity to play the Islamophobia card? That's ... progress, I guess.

Except that rank-and-file right-wingers aren't paying attention to the new talking points. In the comments at Breitbart, for instance, they're sticking with the old classics:
Don’t forget the FBI is busy chasing down white Christians as domestic terrorists.


Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa

Twenty-one years old.

Did you see the picture of his arrest? The video? That's a half bald 35+ year old guy with a bad come-over.

Fake documents.

Religion of peace.


And perv Joe Biden is busy recruiting muslim jihadis to America....

under the guise of "refugees".


Why is no surprise jihadi vermin strikes again as soon "great plague" 2.0 admin enters WH?
Not so mind boggling after all.


... the US federal government has been totally and completely hijacked and co-opted by an utterly corrupt and incredibly incompetent uniparty of Democrat and Republicrat open-borders globalist leftwing lunatics, that have been flooding millions of enemy Muslim invaders and conquerors that are really Muslims stealth demographic jihadists masquerading as being so-called moderate migrants into America as fast as they possibly can and under completely false premises since 2005 when former President, GWB, who is the father of open borders globalist lunatic leftism in America, increased mass Muslim migration with all of its excess baggage, which in reality is really stealth demographic jihad to invade and infiltrate unsuspecting non-Muslim countries in mass for the purpose of waging a stealth demographic jihad preemptively from within in the cause of Allah, by fivefold.

In fact, according to GWB, only a tiny minority of so-called "radical Islamist terrorists" misunderstand the beautiful Religion of Peace, while the vast overwhelming majority of Muslims in the world are so-called peaceful and moderate people just like us.

Nonetheless, that is not only a lie, but it is a very malicious lie. As ALL MAINSTREAM ORTHODOX MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD that altogether comprise the collective Islamic totalitarian world, are obligated under the very severe pain of death, to wage a civilizational holy war that Allah defines as a jihad preemptively against ALL NON-MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD without provocation in the cause of Allah, to ultimately establish the global kingdom of Allah on earth via the eventual worldwide imposition of Sharia....


Biden wants to bring in a lot of of these Muslims, and he wants to take away our own guns to defend ourselves.

Biden is an enemy of American freedom.


‘...Gov. Jarid Polis reacted by saying, “Today we saw the face of evil...”’

Here’s a clue, ‘Guv.’: the face of unspecified evil with a name like that is Islam, plain and simple.


Trump did ban those from uncontrollable Muslims countries. He had to fight the democrats and liberal courts 2 years to win what little he got done.


This is why one has to frequent sites like Jihadwatch dot org and thereligionofpeace dot com to see what our Islam protecting MSM doesn't want you to know.
And at Free Republic:
Who let this Syrian scumbag into the country? Biden and Obama opposed the Muslim ban. I assume the blood is on their hands?


Schools are no longer reporting these violent Muslims to police for fear of being labeled and it’s what the teachers unions want.


So the Islamist Jihadi drove 30 miles to a gun-free area to achieve islamic hegemony?


New information coming in that Boulder shooter was a Syrian refugee who arrived via Obama-era asylum programs, per national security official. Self-radicalized while in US.


Ahmad was a Syrian refugee who came here under Obammy-asylum program

He should have never been here.
(In fact, a message on his now-deleted Facebook page said he was “born in Syria 1999 came to the USA in 2002” -- when George W. Bush was president.)

And at the message board patriots.win, formerly TheDonald.win, here are a few thread titles:

So the traditional favorites never get old for the right.

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