Friday, March 26, 2021


Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed a voter suppression bill last night, but he'll still lose the GOP gubernatorial primary in 2022. Here's how Gateway Pundit responded to the bill-signing:

What a total disgrace Georgia Republican leadership was in the 2020 election. They certified a fraudulent result for President then allowed the same process to steal not one, but two US Senate seats. Now they make changes!

Tonight the corrupt governor of Georgia, Republican Brian Kemp, signed a bill pushed through Georgia’s House and Senate after the totally corrupt results in the 2020 election for President from Georgia were certified....

Clearly, President Trump won the election in Georgia in 2020 but goons in charge who certified the results believed their pick for President was more important than the votes of the citizens in their state. Now, after pushing through fraudulent results, they make changes.

Watching this dark red state get torn apart by Democrats and crooked Republicans was grotesque.

Georgians should be outraged.
And Georgia Republucans will be -- unless there's something in the bill that will allow Kemp to suppress the vote of Trumpist members of his own party.

MAGA Nation will reject Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger -- his USA Today op-ed criticizing the voting rights bill making its way through Congress won't help him.

The folks at Gateway Pundit are ready to do a lot of canceling. Even Laura Ingraham isn't safe:

She’s attractive and smart. She has good connections and has been in the Washington swamp for a long time. She is conservative and has her own show on FOX News. But she will never be number one.

... She gave up on President Trump as soon as the 2020 election was stolen by the Biden gang. She either didn’t have the courage to stand up to FOX Executives or she didn’t have the wits to see what was happening. But within hours Laura was already moving on with the corrupt Biden gang. Because of this, her viewership is half what it was.

In her interview with the President last night, she rudely cut off the President of the United States when he tried to share the facts about the election being stolen.

... What an absolute outrage. Ingraham sides with FOX News executives. She blames the President for the Democrats stealing the election. She ignores and shuts down the President. She claims a better legal strategy will prevent massive Democrat fraud – when the courts refuse to hear the President’s cases.

What garbage and how terribly rude.
They're obsessed with cancel culture because, if they could, they'd cancel huge numbers of people -- including many of their own.

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