Saturday, March 13, 2021


Last week I told you that conservatives weren't happy to see liberals turning against Andrew Cuomo, because, in their opinion, we were doing it for the wrong reason.

A report in January on Cuomo's efforts to mislead the public about nursing home deaths from COVID was issued by a state attorney general who's a liberal Democrat, but whatever.

So we're hating Cuomo wrong -- and now, according to National Review's Jim Geraghty, we're attempting to force him out of office wrong.
On paper, it should be exceptionally rare for an elected official to commit a wrongdoing that is severe enough to spur members of his own party to call for his resignation, but not quite severe enough to spur an effort to impeach him or remove him from office.

If a scandal, behavior, bad judgement, or crime is bad enough that a lawmaker should resign, it should be bad enough to get him removed, right? That sweet spot of “really bad, but not quite bad enough to get removed from office” shouldn’t cover a wide range of misdeeds....

And yet, that resign-but-not-impeach zone is where Andrew Cuomo currently is with most of his party: “At least 121 members of the state Assembly and Senate have said publicly they believe Cuomo can no longer govern and should quit office now, according to a tally by The Associated Press. The count includes 65 Democrats and 56 Republicans.”
Actually, the article Geraghty quotes doesn't say that Democratic state legislators are against impeachment -- it just says that 65 Democrats want him to quit, presumably because impeachment is a huge undertaking with an uncertain outcome and its goal would be accomplished much more easily if Cuomo would simply take the hint and go away.

(Let's compare and contrast: If Donald Trump had had the decency to resign partway through his term, would you have been upset because Congress never had a chance to impeach him, or would you have opened a bottle of champagne and celebrated?)

And as Geraghty reluctantly concedes, we could very well be moving toward a Cuomo impeachment, even though his party controls both houses of the state legislature.
A handful of Democrats have called for Cuomo’s impeachment, and to their credit, the state assembly’s judiciary committee appears to be prepping an investigation, which would be the first step on the road to impeachment.
Apart from preparing the groundwork for impeachment, Democrats are totally blocking the impeachment process! Is there anything they won't do to protect their own?

Nothing we do will satisfy them. We could bring back the death penalty and put Cuomo in the electric chair and they'll gripe that we should have used a firing squad.

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