Sunday, January 17, 2021


On Friday, writing for David Horowitz's FrontPage Magazine, Daniel Greenfield blamed the Capitol riot on Nancy Pelosi.
The Capitol Hill Riot Was Pelosi’s Fault, Not Trump’s

... it wasn’t the White House’s job to protect Congress. That’s why Congress has a force of 2,300 people and a $460 million budget with just one job to do.

The question of why it failed at that job ought to be directed to Pelosi and congressional leaders.

The Capitol riot is Pelosi’s disaster and she’s making the most of it by blaming it on everyone else. Her private police force had the resources and the people to keep out the Visigoths, never mind a few hundred people, and instead turned what should have been a riot into a disaster.
This followed a similar piece from Ukrainegate disinformationist John Solomon at his Just the News site.
The FBI admitted Tuesday it received information ahead of the Jan. 6 tragedy suggesting some participants were planning a "war" on the Capitol, including killing officers and distributing maps of the complex. It alerted Washington D.C. law enforcement through the joint terrorism task force alert system. It also "disrupted" the travel plans of some of the suspected trouble-makers....

The New York Police Department is reported to have given the Capitol Police similar intelligence warnings of impending violence....

What did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the other leaders in Congress know — and when did they know it — about the possibility for violence and the Pentagon's pre-attack offer to send National Guardsmen to reinforce the Capitol Police?
And now Lindsey Graham takes this idea mainstream:

GRAHAM: To see people come and take over the Capitol, the House and the Senate, beat officers, defile the seat of government, how in the hell could that happen? Where was Nancy Pelosi? It's her job to provide Capitol security.
No, it's not her job. The Capitol Police force isn't Nancy Pelosi's personal fiefdom. The force is overseen by both houses of Congress.
The U.S. Capitol Police is an odd entity: Unlike other federal law enforcement agencies, which are part of the executive branch, it is overseen directly by Congress.... The department is overseen by a small executive board made up of the Senate and House sergeants at arms and the architect of the Capitol, and it receives broad instructions and funding from the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, the Committee on House Administration, and the Senate and House appropriations subcommittees that deal with the legislative branch.
Which means that if Congress is at fault for the force's failings on January 6, then the blame lies as much with Mitch McConnell as much as it does with Pelosi.

But Graham never mentions McConnell's name. Nor does Greenfield. Nor does Solomon. They portray the riot as all Pelosi's fault.

Republicans never stop lying. And the lies work. Your right-wing relatives will be blaming Pelosi for the riot soon, if they aren't doing so already.

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