Thursday, January 07, 2021


This morning we learned the identity of the woman who was shot while storming the Capitol yesterday.
The woman was 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, a California native and Air Force veteran, her former husband told The Washington Post....

Babbitt, a native of San Diego, served in Afghanistan and Iraq in the Air Force before other deployments with the National Guard to Kuwait and Qatar, ex-husband Timothy McEntee told The Post....

On social media, Babbitt recorded combative videos about immigration policy, while expressing her support for a border wall. In early September, she tweeted a picture from a Trump boat parade in San Diego wearing a shirt that said, “We are Q,” referring to QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory. The tweet also included the hashtag “#WWG1WGA,” an acronym used by supporters who believe in the claims that Trump was battling a group of “deep state” child abusers.

Babbitt also retweeted messages calling for Vice President Pence to resign and be charged with treason, videos of Trump rallies and photos of the president’s supporters flying to D.C. for the protests.

In one of her final posts, she responded to a tweet saying many flights to D.C. were canceled because of weather. “The entire world is corrupt,” the person said.

In response, Babbitt wrote: “Nothing will stop us ... they can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours … dark to light!”
I've been looking at her Twitter feed, which is still up. She regularly retweeted praise for Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, and (especially) Lin Wood -- not to mention Julian Assange.

She was a COVID truther who liked videos of people refusing to wear masks in stores.

She lived in Southern California and was not a fan of her governor.

What's more, she seemed to relish the thought of her political enemies coming to a violent end.

Let's get a closer look at that last one:

No Congress member or staffer was killed yesterday. Ashli Babbitt was killed. But I'm fairly certain that if the situation were reversed, she wouldn't have been horrified. She'd have thought justice was meted out to a traitor.

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