Friday, January 08, 2021


Here's a post that's getting a lot of attention at, a message board read avidly by the Donald Trump cult, particularly by participants in the January 6 D.C. riot. It was written in response to the message Trump posted last night conceding the election and distancing himself from the rioters:
I'm no doomer. I've kept hope this entire time, never once doubted POTUS. Watching the message from President Trump tonight certainly made me feel like I just got dumped. And I disagree with just about everything he said for once. There was nothing more patriotic than what I saw in the capitol.

But I still have hope. Not that he's going to do anything, but that patriots across the country will. But it isn't for 2022 or 2024. There is no hope there. Stop laying down and taking it like a bitch. This is why we lost. Because every time we get fucked, people say "We'll get them next time".

No, we won't. Because they don't play fair. Do you really think 2022 or 2024 will matter in the slightest? We will NEVER have another fair election again. With their new power, they will ensure that they have control over every election going forward and the only people to win are the ones THEY CHOOSE. Its now or never. If you want your country back this is the last chance we have.

If this isn't turned around, we will never be free again. They'll open the borders, they'll take the guns, they'll put our children on hormone blockers and the rest they'll touch inappropriately (or try). They'll put people in jail for speech, they'll slowly kill off the ones that become a "problem" for them. You've seen this. You know how the democrats work. They are sick and they are perverts. They are evil people that have a warped view of the world. Every city they touch burns. We are in for hell on earth. My generation is going to suffer if the world goes in this direction.

My point here is simply this. You can't rely on democracy when one side cheats and the other side thinks they are too good to cheat. We aren't going to win any election ever again because they will control the votes. I'm not a doomer, that's just the reality.

This is our last stand. Start coming up with real solutions. What can we legally do, if anything? But stop telling people we can win another election. Its moronic.
There's Trump rhetoric here ("Every city they touch burns"), as well as QAnon rhetoric ("the rest they'll touch inappropriately"). But please note that much of the rest of this is mainstream Republican rhetoric.

"We will NEVER have another fair election again" is a reference to Trump's "Stop the steal" talk, but that talk built on warnings about "voter fraud" that have part of the GOP message since the George W. Bush years. Also, Republicans told us all through 2020 that if Democrats won both houses of Congress as well as the White House, they'd give statehood to D.C. and Puerto Rico, and there'd automatically be four new Democratic senators, and Republicans would never be able to regain the Senate again (even though the Republican caucus at the time had six more senators than the Democratic caucus). It's also effectively what mainstream Republicans have said in response to calls for the abolition of the Electoral College: that it's the only way Republicans can possibly win presidential elections (as if it's unreasonable to ask Republicans to devise a policy agenda that the majority of Americans would support).

"Open the borders" has been the GOP mainstream's dishonest description of Democratic immigration policy ideas for years. "Take the guns" is what the NRA has been predicting Democrats will do for decades, even though Bill Clinton didn't do it, Barack Obama didn't do it, and Joe Biden won't do it. "They'll put our children on hormone blockers" echoes mainstream Republican anti-trans scaremongering. "They'll put people in jail for speech" is what mainstream Republicans say, or at least imply, whenever they talk about "cancel culture." "They are sick and they are perverts. They are evil people that have a warped view of the world" could be Newt Gingrich circa 1994.

The person who posted this didn't mention communism or socialism, but some commenters did:
This is where they started decades ago, brainwashing teachers and professors and students into narrow minded America-Hating commies. They have essentially won.


Big macs in seattle are now 13$ with all the socialist and commie taxes we have


Do what you can. No act of defiance is too small. No job is too big. Frustrate the FUCK out of them, and I mean EVERYONE you know to be a communist parasite piece of shit. These fuckers now enjoy a SPECIAL STATUS above the rest of us, courtesy of the DC rats IN BOTH PARTIES, Silicon Valley, the maoist mayors and corporations. They have their police KNEELING FOR THEM while our people get barred into their hotels and MURDERED. This isn't a race thing, either: all commies must go!
It's not just Trump who tells them that liberalism, socialism, and communism are all the same thing, and it's not just Trump who says that anything they don't like is socialist or communist. That's the message of virtually every Republican. It has been, to a greater or lesser extent, for seventy years.

They take all this rhetoric seriously and literally. Trump and QAnon were accelerants, but we've been heading in this direction for a long time, thanks to decades of Republicans demagoguery.

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