Friday, January 29, 2021


Wait -- what?
The New York Young Republican Club has announced a “Re-Occupy Wall Street” protest in Zuccotti Park in response to brokers shutting down trading on Game Stop and other memed stocks.

The shut down of purchasing stocks caused the price to crash, helping rich hedge fund managers and hurting the lower class who were buying the stocks.

The protest will be taking place on Sunday, January 31, at noon. The organizers are encouraging people to dress warmly.

“Let your voices be heard! We are sick of Wall Street bailouts on the taxpayer dime while the little guy gets stomped!” the Eventbrite page for the protest reads.
I'm quoting a post at Gateway Pundit, which was not particularly fond of the original Occupy Wall Street protests.

The president of the NYYRC is this guy:

Wax is a terrible person:
Since October, 2018, [Wax] has been listed as a partner in the Yorkville Group, a political consultancy firm whose founder bragged about advising the anti-Muslim, Nazi-sympathizing German political party Alternative fur Deutschland....

Also in October, 2018, Wax also called the Proud Boys ... a “patriotic fraternal group who like America and beer,” in an American Thinker article....

Wax’s ties to far-right figures have grown stronger in recent months, according to a lengthy report on him in the blog Angry White Men.

In July, he appeared on a podcast run by VDARE, a white-nationalist and anti-immigrant website. He was interviewed by John Derbyshire, who was fired as a columnist at National Review in 2012 after including a racist statement about Black people in an article and who has written sympathetically about white supremacy.

On Twitter, Wax has praised Sen. Joseph McCarthy and Enoch Powell, the British politician who delivered the violently anti-immigrant “Rivers of Blood” speech in 1968, and has parroted conspiracy theories about George Soros....
Meanwhile, in Wyoming, Matt Gaetz is trying to sound like a Bush-era lefty:
Rep. Matt Gaetz fired off a barrage of insults against his colleague Liz Cheney during a rally in her home state of Wyoming on Thursday....

Gaetz ... attacked Cheney for the role her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, played in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He disparagingly called Liz Cheney a "neocon," saying she advocated unnecessary wars in the Middle East.

"The neocons say we got to fight them abroad so we don't have to fight them at home," Gaetz said. "I was going to say that maybe we ought to fight the neocons at home so we don't have to fight them in Washington, D.C. But that's problem, isn't it, because the neocons are home at Washington, D.C."

"The real cowboys, I guess, fought the Indians so they could use the land, but what are America's soldiers even fighting for that Liz Cheney sends around the world?" he added. "Places that most Americans couldn't even point to on a map."
Donald Trump turned the party that called you a traitor if you opposed the Iraq War into the party that calls you a traitor if you didn't. I still don't understand why Trump was reluctant to go to war as president, though I'm grateful -- probably it was his hatred of the Bush family, and possibly the fact that the generals made every war he might have wanted to start seem really complicated -- but here we are, in Pat Buchanan paleoconservative territory, with Gaetz using the old slur "neocon" even though Liz Cheney isn't Jewish.

Sorry I don't have a coherent theory about how all this fits together. Elements of the Trump right appear to have progressive envy -- and the populist/white nationalist/isolationist wing of the right often sounds like the left if you're not listening closely.

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