Wednesday, January 06, 2021


Democrats won't do this -- I doubt they'd have done it even if he had months left in his term -- but they should absolutely impeach President Trump for inciting this riot. I say this even though I don't think it's any more likely than it was a year ago that Republicans will vote to convict him in the Senate, where a two-thirds majority would be needed.

It should happen because there needs to be some national acknowledgment of Trump's invitation to lawlessness -- and because Republicans should be put in the position of voting yes or no on his fitness to hold office, now and in the future. (Remember, he's still a potential 2024 presidential candidate, and conviction in an impeachment trial would bar him from running for president again.)

It doesn't have to be a long process full of droney speeches. In the House it should be done rapidly, at which point the Senate is required to take it up immediately. The evidence against Trump is video footage of the mayhem, and the fact that Trump knew, or ought to have known, that many of these demonstrators wanted this event to turn violent.

The Republicans will say this is unnecessary -- he's leaving on January 20. To which Democrats should reply: Is he? Are you sure?

Today was a terrible day. January 20 will probably be worse. Trump should not just be allowed to walk away from this.

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