Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I agree with Bloomberg's Margaret Carlson that Donald Trump is not really becoming more presidential:
Trump rallies are almost always the same because the candidate resists advice to grow in his candidacy. A rant about his wins, the polls, the wall, Obamacare, rotten deals and the awfulness the media (which made him). There is always one protester to be escorted out -- though politely now -- and interesting political wear hawked outside, a small demonstration of Trump’s ability to create jobs. As he begins to focus his heaviest insults on Hillary Clinton, the merch has evolved, too. So now you can own a T-shirt adorned with slogans such as “Hillary for Prison,” “Trump the B---ch” or one comparing Monica and Hillary that is too blue to quote.
So I guess Paul Manafort hasn't asked vendors like this guy to make themselves scarce at Trump events:

And I can infer that security still isn't quietly urging attendees like this to cover up in case there are photographers around:

So, no, nothing's really changing in the Trump campaign.


Greg said...

And at the convention, "Also Sprach Zarathustra" and Trump emerging onstage in a white sequin jumpsuit.

I think he thinks he can fool enough of the people enough of the time, simple as that. That's his campaign strategy in a nutshell. A breakthrough in shapeshifting douchebaggery.

KenRight said...

You obviously would prefer the soporific Elitists McCain and Romney going real genteel easy on neolib warmonger Hillary. I mean why not, they agree on the essentials and more. Well, so would and do the Kochs.