Saturday, April 30, 2016


Wall Street Journal headline:

New York Times headline:

Yup, same speech.

Here's the Journal version:
Republican front-runner Donald Trump, campaigning in California following fresh primary victories, called for party unity during an address at the state’s GOP convention....

“We have to get together as a party because it is a tougher road to the presidency for the Republicans,” Mr. Trump said. “And you really have to pick somebody that knows what is happening, that is really, really good. I accept the position.”
Here's the more believable Times version:
... Mr. Trump spoke little of California or its June 7 primary. Rather, he wrestled with whether he wanted to begin healing the fractured party he was seeking to lead. Mr. Trump, the Republican front-runner in the presidential race, mocked his conservative critics and his current and former rivals as dumb, “disgusting” and losers. He claimed at least twice that he could win even if the party did not come together. And with some conservatives still uneasy about his beliefs, he breezily dismissed questions about his principles.

“Folks, I’m a conservative, but at this point, who cares? We got to straighten out the country,” he said at a subdued luncheon of party activists who seemed more curious about seeing a celebrity than enthusiastic about their potential presidential nominee.

During the same speech, though, he called for party unity to defeat Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic standard-bearer.

Mr. Trump’s remarks offered a vivid illustration of the current state of his campaign: As he edges closer to the nomination, he is under pressure to curb his hard-edged language and exude a more statesmanlike demeanor. But the continuing attacks from other Republicans plainly rankle him, and he appears to have little appetite to make peace with his critics.

“Ideally we’re going to be together,” he said. But then he said: “I think we’re going to win even if we’re not together. There are some people I honestly don’t want their endorsement.”
The Journal story does tell us that Trump "derided attempts by some in the party to deny him the nomination" and "mocked attempts by rivals Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to form an alliance against him." But the conclusion is that he sincerely wants peace.

Well, I guess what they want to believe at the Journal -- cross your fingers and hope this isn't a debacle for our dear, dear Republican Party. Me, I'm sticking with the Times story.


Feud Turgidson said...

Rashoman 2016 with Trump playing the Mifune part as Roddy Dangerfield playing Al Czevik from Caddyshack ... bearing in mind Mifune later played Kikuchiyo in 7 Samurai like Roddy Dangerfield playing Trump. Art trying to bite it's reality tail!

As between Dangerfield and Mifune, I'm not sure which one would come up with the more compelling put-down of Trump. You might think Dangerfield, but Mifune was a dedicated artist: he'd do an exhaustive riff on the hand thing, maybe finish with an illusion involving his penis, which would fail in some epic comic-tragic way, because Mifune wouldn't let a bit go until he'd rasped away every little bit of potential energy, like a hagfish working a whale carcass. But then, if you ever saw Dangerfield work a heckler, you'd have seen someone bringing out every putdown he'd ever tho;ught up or heard of to turn the guy into a puddle of nothing.

KenRight said...

If you want a consummate contrast between authentic conservatism and phony neocon Elitism masquerading as conservatism, contrast Iraq War supporter and job outsourcing advocate Elitist snob George Will's endorsement of Clinton just out with antiwar job protector Buchanan's defense of Trump also just published.

Victor said...

tRUMP's campaign
"Rashoman," meets '1-7 Degree's of Separation!'

I hope.........................