Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Ted Cruz is on course to lose the Republican nomination, but he's making a big, almost certainly futile effort to change the narrative with this stunt:
Ted Cruz announced Wednesday that Carly Fiorina will be his vice presidential nominee if he’s the Republican Party’s pick for president.

If nominated, "I will run on a ticket with my vice-presidential nominee, Carly Fiorina," the Texas senator said at an Indiana rally before the crowd began chanting "Carly."

The two appeared together in an hour-long event in Indianapolis....
Aaron Goldstein of The American Spectator makes an obvious point:
What I love about this impending decision is how much it will bug Donald Trump....

It is only a matter of time before Trump makes another disparaging remark about Fiorina. When he does, watch Trump's numbers crater in Indiana and Nebraska. Then California really comes into play. After all, Fiorina is a familiar face with Republicans in California for her efforts against Barbara Boxer in 2010.

Trump can't help himself. He views women as sex objects, not as people with any intellectual capability or character. Ask Megyn Kelly. Or Heidi Cruz.
All that is true -- except, of course, the part about Trump's numbers cratering and California coming into play. Trump will still be riding high no matter what awful, sexist things he says about Fiorina, because a large percentage of Republican voters either approve of Trump's sexism or shrug it off.

But that's not true of the rest of the electorate. Whatever Trump says about Fiorina will reinforce Hillary Clinton's message that a vote for Trump is a vote for misogyny. Cruz and Fiorina, in other words, are setting up to Trump to provide embarrassing Trump footage for Clinton attack ads.

What else can you say in response to that? Hey, thanks, you two!


Victor said...

tRUMP & Carly:
Creep & Creepier!

And at thev announcement, she sings some stupid little song for Teddy Cruz-ader's kids.
Is she gonna be his VP, or his kids nanny?
It better try to be VP, 'cause Mary Poppins, she ain't!

It's like a political marriage made in the Hannibal Lecter Sociopath Wing of a Mental Institution!

And if this were a real marriage, and held in Indiana, i wonder what style wedding "hoop" he'd put on her finger?

Feud Turgidson said...

With Trump, the misogyny is the massage.

Trump is the candidate for those who view that old Norm Cosby joke as the height of wit: Guy goes to his doctor, doc does a full exam, the works, then he says to the guy,There's good news and bad news, guy goes, I can take it, doc, what's the bad news, doc says, You got 6 months left to live, so the guy says, What's the GOOD news? and the doc says, you see my receptionist with the big whahoombas? I'm banging her.

Procopius said...

Does Goldstein think anybody in California actually likes Carly? I'm pretty sure they either dislike her or figure she's just another unpleasant loser.

Dave said...

People in Indiana are far likelier to cast a ballot based on Cruz' remarks about "basketball rings" than they are based on his fantasy Vice Presidential pick.