Thursday, April 14, 2016


So I was looking at the homepage of Stop the Steal, the group Roger Stone has set up to try to preserve the Republican nomination for Donald Trump, and I noticed an odd thing: the name Bush comes up more often than Kasich, Ryan, or Romney.

Bush's is the first person named in the chain-link list of alleged conspirators Stone is trying to fight:
The Big Steal from Donald J. Trump is on- and only you can stop it.

The Bush-Cruz-Rubio-Romney-Ryan-McConnell faction has united and is moving into high gear to steal the nomination from Trump.
Ted Cruz's name comes up a lot, of course -- Stone worries about him, although he thinks the power brokers really want someone else at the top of the ticket. And while Stone doesn't think Jeb is the likely alternative to Trump and Cruz, he's not ruling him out:
The full convention must ratify the Rules and Committee plans to allow the big steal. This is when these hidden delegates will rob Trump. They will shove Mitt Romney, John Kasich or Paul Ryan down our throat. Jeb Bush has his way to get on a late ballot.
Oh, and Jeb's son is in on the conspiracy, too, if only on behalf of a possibly duped Cruz:
Rick Perry George P. Bush (the Texas Land Commissioner) and Ted Cruz have teamed up to pack the Texas delegation -- including the 40% delegates pledged to Trump who will be hard-core Trump opponents free to vote for rules that make the Big Steal from Trump possible or to unseat Trump delegates to help the big steal in Cleveland.
(Emphasis in original.)

And Trump is described this way:
He is an alternative to doing the bidding of Bush’s and Clintons and their ilk who have become richer and richer while the ordinary people have become poorer and poorer and America itself turned into a debt-ridden shadow of its once great self.
Bush also comes up in the post that currently tops Stone's StoneZone site:
The Bushs, Mitt Romney, Paul Singer, the Ricketts and Zuckerberg are driving the train for the Lobbyist/Insider Class committed to stopping Trump, led by my old partner Charlie Black, as shrewd and skilled a political operative as exists today.
(By the way, somebody needs to explain to Stone that the correct way to spell the plural of "Bush" is "Bushes.")

Is this just a backhanded way for Stone to plug his most recent book, Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family? Or does he really believe there's deep Bush involvement in the Never Trump movement? Or does he think his target market thinks so?

I feel as if Jeb just crawled off and never wants to show his face in public again. He's skipping the Republican convention. And much of the GOP hates him now. It's just odd how much real estate he still occupies in some people's heads.


More Stone craziness, from Wonkette: "Trump Buddy Roger Stone Says Clintons Murdered JFK Jr., Maybe For Kicks."


Unknown said...

I thought the plural of "Bush" was "Bush". Like the plural of "fish" is "fish".

M. Bouffant said...

We may not see the end of the Republican Party as an immediate result of 2016 & Trump, but (fingers crossed) the Bushes may have gone the way of the Rockefellers, at least as far as electoral politics.

Steve M. said...

I bet George P. has more low cunning than his father and will never make enemies on the right. I'm watching out for him. Admittedly, the name may be poison now.

M. Bouffant said...

I wonder if G.P.'s Hispanic heritage will make any difference. I'd hate to see him attracting the "conservative, religious, family-oriented Latinos whose natural home is in the G.O.P." we've heard so much about. If any of them still exist.

Rand Careaga said...

"I shot a man's Piper Saratoga down off Martha's Vineyard just to watch him die..."