Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We've been hearing predictions of riots if Donald Trump is denied the nomination at the Republican convention, but I think the lashing-out is going to be more like this:
After expressing reservations about Donald Trump, some of Indiana's delegates to the Republican national convention say they've received threatening messages from a few of the GOP front-runner's supporters.

The emails warn that the delegates are being watched and imply they could be targeted. Some send ominous wishes to delegates' families....

One of those delegates, Kyle Babcock, said he'll support the party's nominee, but has doubts about Trump's viability in the general election....

Such comments earned him disdain from Trump supporters.

"Wrong side Kyle," said one email. "Hope the families well. Your name and info was sent to me on a list that is going public. Think before you take a step down the wrong path, the American people want to have faith in your but it looks like a future in hiding is more appealing."

An individual using the same sign-off also sent an email to Tom John, chairman of Indiana's 7th Congressional District and an at-large delegate candidate who told Politico that Trump "doesn’t represent what I want my party to represent."

"You know traditional burial is polluting the planet. Tom hope the family is well," the email said. "Your name and info has been given to me on a list that is about to go public. Good luck becoming a delegate, we are watching you."
And also this:
It has been two days since Senator Ted Cruz of Texas swept Colorado’s delegates, and Steve House, the chairman of the state’s Republican Party, is feeling the wrath of Donald J. Trump’s supporters.

In fact, his cellphone will not stop ringing.

Mr. House has been hearing from angry voters from across the state and country who say they think the will of the people was ignored....

... since Sunday night Mr. House has received more than 2,000 calls from people complaining that the process was a sham. His telephone number was mysteriously disseminated across the Internet.
Sure, there could be physical violence as we get closer to the convention. There could be riots at the convention or afterward.

But it's quite possible that there'll be little to no bloodshed. I suspect the contempt is going to be expressed the modern, cowardly way -- doxxing, threats, maybe a swatting attack or two. Female Trump opponents will probably receive very specific threats of brutal sexual violence. But it'll all be done from the comfort of Mom's basement, or wherever else these people use their laptops and phones.

A number of politically angry right-wingers have engaged in genuine violence in this century, but it's much more common for conservatives -- and white male louts in general -- to try to be risk-averse intimidators. Even when right-wingers threaten people face to face these days, they seem to prefer sucker-punching lefties at Trump rallies (everyone knows those pinkos don't carry guns or know how to fight), or brandishing AR-15s at shopping malls, so they can feel much more powerful than, say, a mother wrangling three small children.

Rioting puts the rioter at physical risk. Even furtive property damage entails some risk, especially if it's done in a city where the cops are on alert and armed like soldiers. For the Trumpites, Internet harassment will probably seem much easier -- and safer.


Victor said...

Yeah, sounds about right!

Bullies are usually chickenshits if the odds aren't heavily stacked in their favor.

CH said...

You never heard of the Klan operating on a "fair-fight" basis, did you? Same gene pool, different generation.

Frank Wilhoit said...

It is easier to make threats, but the incitement card has been played and cannot be un-played. There will be many, many thousands dead before this "election" is over.

CH said...

Quite possibly so, but I expect they'll be much closer to Damascus and Baghdad than to Cleveland or Philadelphia.

The New York Crank said...

This post illustrates why I would strongly support a strict law that would outlaw any terrorist, would-be terrorist, or rabble rouser who cannot pass a spelling test or write a coherent and grammatical sentence.

Yours very crankily,
The New York Crank