Thursday, December 03, 2015


We still can't be certain about the motive for the San Bernardino massacre -- but whatever the motive, it was exactly what ISIS wants. I don't say this just because a lot of Westerners were killed. I say it because the killers were Western Muslims who'd aroused no suspicions and who chose a target that was in no way symbolic of the struggle between jihadists and the rest of the world, apart from the fact that it was in the non-Muslim world. ISIS wants us to fear that jihadists could strike anywhere and kill anyone -- and that the killers could be anyone who's Muslim. That terrifies us -- and makes a lot of us angry at all Muslims. ISIS wants us to hate all Muslims, and thus to make peace-loving Muslims unwelcome in Western society. It wants no one left in the "grayzone" where Muslims and non-Muslims have been able to coexist contentedly. It wants Westerners to reject coexistence and Muslims to feel that coexistence is a pipe dream.

So I'm guessing that this was terrorism, though I know the guess could be wrong. It's just structured so perfectly to accomplish ISIS's goals.

Whatever the truth, Murdoch media outlets are doing just what ISIS wants:

Also this:
Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow told America’s Newsroom host Martha MacCallum Thursday that if a person named Syed “leaves your party,” you should “call the cops.”

Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik are the suspects in a deadly massacre that killed 14 and injured at least 17 in San Bernardino, CA....

“Listen if somebody named Syed leaves your party and people say, ‘why is Syed leaving?’ -- You know what, call the cops,” Ablow said.

“That’s the point we’re at in this country, and I’m sorry to say it but we’re there. And to do otherwise would be called the psychological force of denial,” he added.

Ablow is saying that even a mildly noteworthy act by a Muslim in your workplace or community is now worthy of suspicion. Basically anything a Muslim does ought to make you think about contacting the authorities.

The message from Murdoch is that the grayzone should be destroyed. Murdoch is one ISIS's best friends in the West.

(Video via Media Matters.)


Victor said...

Ah, I see that our American Taliban and its corporate and political leaders, are giving as much help as they can to their ISIS cohorts!

Procopius said...

My firstthought was, "Murdoch and ISIS must have the same goals." Then I realized, no, it's just that Usama bin Laden was truly a genius in his understanding the motivations and reactions of Westerners. Murdoch just wants to sell advertising. So he wants to sell newspapers/clicks/eyeballs. So when atrocities are committed (see what I did there?) he's going to give it publicity, lots of publicity. Well, I guess that much is easy to predict. I would never have realized, beforehand, that the whole American people would be so easily terrified. I never would have realized, beforehand, how much hate they would respond with. I know from my own life that almost all my anger has come from my fear, but I just never grasped what a powerful political tool that would be. So I hate what I see happening, but have to kind of admire the guy who devised the strategy. Too bad our side doesn't have any smart guys.