Saturday, December 05, 2015


Omigod -- is this more jihadist terrorism in Wisconsin?
A suspect was taken into custody after police responded to a “high-risk situation” in Neenah, Wis....

Neenah Mayor Dean Kaufert told FOX11 that around 30 shots were fired at the Eagle Nation Cycles motorcycle repair shop.

The suspect reportedly barricaded himself inside of shop and held hostages in the basement for several hours. He was armed with a MAC-10-style weapon, according to local reports.
A cop was injured:
The [police] chief told reporters a citizen and a police officer were taken to the hospital during the standoff....
But I suspect this isn't ISIS-related:
Eagle Nation Cycles and its owner, Steven Erato, have been in the news before.

Most recently, the motorcycle shop, Erato and three other people connected to the business, filed a $50 million federal lawsuit claiming their rights were violated during a September 2012 drug raid....

The 2012 raid resulted in 15 felony charges against Erato. He was eventually convicted of misdemeanor possession of marijuana, but all other charges were dismissed.
Also, please note that even though a cop had to go to the hospital, the suspect was taken into custody alive.

So I'm betting the suspect is a white guy, not a Muslim (or a black person). Therefore, it's just another day in America -- shots were fired, citizens were terrorized, but the culprit was a regular American, so it's cool.



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