Monday, December 14, 2015


A fw days ago, this giddy report appeared at the right-wing site, which is a project of Brent Bozell's Media Research Center:
Young Priest Electrifies Huge Crowd in Poland: 'Gospel Not Koran! Gospel Not Koran!'

A video of a young Catholic priest giving a speech critical of liberalism and Islam has received over 100,000 views on YouTube.

In November Fr. Jacek Miedlar addressed a crowd of 25,000 in Warsaw, Poland. The march was in recognition of Poland's Independence Day....

Much of the focus of the rally was on Poland's Catholicism and national pride, and the threat of radical Islam.

... he called out, "The gospel not Koran!" The crowd then repeated the phrase over and over.

Yes, "The gospel not Koran," and also "God, honor, and homeland" -- all while waving the flag of Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski, or NOP, the National Rebirth of Poland party, which the ADL calls "a Nazi-like right-wing extremist group," adding that "Some Polish-American racist skinheads have tattoos featuring the group's logo." NOP members have also confronted pro-Israeli demonstrators in Poland, some of them chanting, “I won't apologize for Jedwabne,” a reference to a World War II-era pogrom.

Here's a partial translation of what Father Miedlar says in the clip above, from CNSNews:
“Dearly beloved, the enemies of the homeland and the enemies of the Church are furious today because they see a huge, enormous army of patriots, army of nationalists, and army of supporters who have ‘God, Honor, and Fatherland’ in their hearts and are ready to give their lives for them. But I am more than convinced that leftist propaganda is trying its best to destroy us, to destroy the Church, to destroy the Polish nation. We cannot let them do it. We are the Church Militant. We are the warriors of Great Poland. They aren’t even aware that the more they attack us, the more our pride grows!”

“Dearly beloved, we’re not afraid of the peaceful Muslims, but they’re a minority. We’re afraid of fundamentalism. We do not want violence, we do not want aggression in the name of Allah.... We must oppose it. We do not want the hatred that is in the Koran, in Surah 5 [expressed for Jews and Christians], but we want the love and truth of the gospel. We want to fight with the sword of love and truth, to which Saint Paul the Apostle calls us in the sixth chapter [of the Epistle] to the Ephesians [6:14-17]. The Gospel, and not the Koran!"

“Leftist and Islamic aggression aimed at everything Christian and national makes us very afraid. ... But we’re also afraid that our fear will turn into hatred. And we, as Christians, cannot let this happen. That’s why we, the Christians, want dialogue. But no one wants to talk to us, instead calling us fascists, racists, xenophobes, and infidel dogs. We can never allow this. We don’t want to fight with the hammer of hate they want to push in our hands....We want to fight with the sword of truth. With the sword of love! With the word of the gospel! With the sword that is Jesus Christ, our living Lord and Savior.”
Father Miedlar insists that the demonstrated aren't interested in hatred, but I'm not sure the global array of commenters at YouTube would agree. A presumably American commenter named TheJarhead94 writes:
looks like Slavs will save the white race and god bless them.

some may say they are not white well then good for them because whites are too weak to save themselves they would rather be culturally enriched then preserve their way of life. i'll wish you luck slavbros in your fight against the surge of human garbage invading Europe. Deus vult!
From a Croatian (or maybe Croatian-American):
Wow! Such unity and love for your country and brings tears to my eyes knowing my homeland Croatia is ruined by leftist etno-masochists who force anti Croatian, anti European and anti white polithics in Croatia. Atleast I can admire the Poles! Go Hussars! Once Croatia was the Vanguard od Europe, sadly we have fallen, it is up to you my brothers to defend Europa. Za Polskę! Za wolność Waszą i naszą !
Another comment:
that's beautiful , greetings from sweden

hope we will someday do something similar
Also: "Love and respect from Norway!" And: "Amazing" (from a commenter named The Fuhrer).

I found this via a Free Republic thread, where the comments are equally enthusiastic:
The start of a new Crusade! First win back Europe for Christ then start the re-convestion of the east. Win Islamic Hearts to Christ until they cast aside their Korans to embrace the word of the True God. “God Wills It!”


Lock and load.


Good on him.

We need that to happen here in the US.


Brave men like this give me hope. In today’s world anything as positive as this makes me want to stand and cheer. Thanks for posting.


We need that to happen here in the US.
I think Franklin Graham is doing that, but thousands more like him, need to shout it from the roof tops. TO HELL WITH PC.


Reagan, Lech Walesa, and John Paul II brought down the evil empire communist USSR.

Will/can Fr. Jacek Miedlar and Trump? and ? bring down the evil empire of satanically misguided islam?

Victory through economic, ideological, and military supremacy.
Online radicalization? It's not always what you think it is.


Feud Turgidson said...

Everytime you think that's it for der Fuhrer, someone comes along and we find things have just gotten Fuhrier. Greece, Portugal, Spain, England, France, us - everywhere it seems, except Scandi-Canada. Which one of these so-called enlighted democracies will end up being the Fuhriest? Just hope it's not us!

BTW it is me or does Ted Cruz look like he probably sweats a ton and smells funky?

Ten Bears said...

They all: Jew, "Christian", Muslim and Mormon alike, bow down to the same damned dog. The sooner we address this little problem the sooner we can get on with cleaning up the mess these hairless apes have made. Our grandchildren's future depends on it.

The New York Crank said...

"...with the sword of love and truth..."

Gotta love that phrase. Long live the machine gun of peace. And the guillotine of forgiveness. And the stake of human kindness. And spear of love.

Yours crankily (with a peaceful cannon in your face).
The New York Crank

Peter VE said...

Lewis Charles Levin was right.