Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Politico's Alex Isenstadt and Shane Goldmacher were impressed with Jeb Bush's debate performance last night:
Jeb Bush came at Donald Trump with everything he had, turning in his strongest debate performance to date just as much of the party was threatening to tune out his flagging candidacy entirely.
And they also seem to be impressed by this:
... And, two campaign sources say, Bush may be willing to go even further than he did on stage.

Prior to the debate, senior Bush aides began looking into the possibility of making a clear break with Trump -- potentially with the candidate stating that, if Trump were the nominee, Bush would not support him.

The former Florida governor didn’t go that far but the option may still be on the table. The Bush campaign has already examined whether such a statement would disqualify him from certain state primary ballots, some of which demand that candidates sign a loyalty pledge declaring that they will support the eventual Republican Party nominee.
(Emphasis added.)

What a sad, pathetic weakling Jeb Bush is.

Look, if you're going to do this, just do it. Don't dispatch a couple of lackeys to Politico to try to get you a Purple Heart for saying you might do it. Or, if you're afraid it might cost you a ballot line or two, then just drop the idea and shut up about it. Or do it anyway and dare the states to exclude you. Threaten to campaign as a write-in candidate if you're dropped. Rally your voters, assuming you have any. Stick your neck out.

Whatever you do, don't pretend you're brave because you've pondered taking a risk. Just take the damn risk, or don't.


Anonymous said...

"What a sad, pathetic weakling Jeb Bush is."

Looking at the boys, you have to wonder about the parents.

Victor said...

John R.,
Barbara's the one I wouldn't want to mess with!

She's far tougher and crazier than any of the men!

In a race full of psycho guppies who think they're Great White sharks, Jeb (...), is a jellyfish.