Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Coming to your TV soon:
Home shopping network for guns set to launch in January

In just a matter of weeks, Americans will be able to buy a new firearm from the comfort of their own couch while watching TV.

GunTV is set to launch in January, according to The Desert Sun.

Much like other popular outlets such as QVC and the Home Shopping Network, GunTV will feature hosts talking up the items. Viewers will then be able to pull the trigger by going online and ordering or picking up the phone.

Initially, GunTV will air for six hours a day, starting at 1 a.m., with plans to turn it into a 24-hour firearm shopping channel.
Oh, great -- this channel will, at least at first, be pitched at insomniac Travis Bickles. What could possibly go wrong?

We're assured that traditional gun-buying protocols will be in place:
To work within gun laws, GunTV won’t actually sell firearms directly to its viewers. Instead, when a viewer calls GunTV, the network will place an order on behalf of that viewer with Sports South, a Louisiana firearms distributor. Sports South will then ship the weapon to a local gun store, where it can be purchased like normal by the viewer....

The sales process appears to adhere to the laws that regulate gun sales, said [Laura] Cutilletta, the attorney from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. She said she found some relief in the fact that gun stores would still be conducting background checks and record-keeping that is required by law.
Well, that's for now. I'm sure President Rubio will sign the bill dispensing with this formality.

Oh, and GunTV is part of a gun marketing company called ... okay, wait for it ...

I love America.


Kevin Hayden said...

Go home America, you're glue-huffing your brain into a pea.

Ten Bears said...

High as a kite on a ten cent tube: Ambien, Prozac, Viagra and crotch-shots on GunTV Kool-Aid.


Actually Kevin, I think they're drinking their pee.

Philo Vaihinger said...

When I was a kid you could order long guns and even handguns through the mail. Manufacturers advertised on magazine covers. Even comic books.

Victor said...

I can see their disclaimer now.
It'll be like Bud's:
Shoot responsibly.


I remember that too.
But, if memory serves me right, those were BB-guns.
Not that you couldn't put someone's eye out with one...

Stately Plump Buck said...

Face it, we live in an NRA caliphate. They want us all to shout and chant "Ammo akhbar -- Guns are great!!!"

Gingerbaker said...

What's the problem here? This is not a gun show loophole. Sales will be as regulated as possible.

You think it is difficult to buy a gun in the U.S.?

And, in case you forgot, to a statistical farthing, almost every gun in the U.S. is NOT used in anything untoward, and the same is true for virtually every gun owner.

But continue to spout off about getting rid of guns, restricting them, banning them, shaming gun owners. You know - all the shit the liberal blogoshere does to help elect more batshit crazy Republicans. Karl Rove appreciates the orgasms.

Me? I'd like to elect more Democrats, thank you, perhaps at the expense of all the sanctimonious posturing I'll have to give up about gun control in light of the fact of the two Supreme Court cases saying it is unconstitutional to to ban gun ownership of lawful individuals.

We lost this issue, guys. Move on.

Steve M. said...

I worry about gun control talk motivating heartlanders to vote Republican, or at least to stop voting Democrat. But the same heartlanders support universal background checks and a fair number of other gun control measures. There's a disconnect between the policies they support and their tribal loyalties. Is it just inconceivable that someday the tribalism won't win that battle? I agree that we may be taking absolutely the wrong approach to winning them over on specific policies. But that doesn't mean we should give up on searching for the right approach.

And the same Supreme Court that recognized (or concocted) an individual constitutional right to own firearms also just refused to overturn an assault weapons ban. So there's that.