Monday, November 02, 2015


Scott Wong is a senior reporter for The Hill, not an opinion columnist. Therefore, it's a matter of objective fact, not opinion, that, according to Wong, Paul Ryan is unbelievably awesome:
If Paul Ryan did anything Sunday, it was prove why so many GOP leaders and colleagues wanted him to become Speaker.

Just three days after being elected the 54th Speaker of the House, the Wisconsin Republican appeared on all five major Sunday shows -- pulling off the “full Ginsburg” -- where he reintroduced himself to the country, stayed on message and steered clear of any headline-grabbing gaffes.

The articulate and telegenic 45-year-old, the youngest Speaker in nearly 150 years and the first from Generation X, showed exactly how he’ll be an effective communicator and fresh-faced leader for his party.
Feeling the thrill up your leg yet? Wait, there's more:
... Ryan also used the opportunity to shed some light on his personal life and help make him more relatable. Despite the heavier workload, he said he’ll try to stay active, continuing to camp, hike and mountain climb. Ryan is currently negotiating with his new Capitol Police security detail to give him more freedom during hunting trips.

“I told the security detail that human scent is not good for bow hunting,” he explained on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”
Bow hunting! Swoon! What a man!

Still more:
And while he’s now second in line to the presidency and a veteran of D.C. for two decades, Ryan portrayed himself as a humble, penny-pinching “citizen legislator” who will continue to sleep on a cot in his office whenever he’s in Washington.

“I just work here. I don’t live here,” Ryan said on CNN’s “State of the Union,” noting that he commutes home each weekend to his native Janesville, Wis., where he lives with his wife and three young children.
Yes, not only is he humble and responsible with money, he's the perfect dad, ladies.

Oh, but he's also an alpha male:
Some Republicans fretted that his absence from the fundraising circuit would leave a gaping hole in the party’s campaign coffers, especially with Boehner, a prolific fundraiser who hits the road most weekends, out of the picture.

But Ryan has vowed to step up his fundraising efforts in Washington, where his star quality will still attract big-money donors.
And he’s promised to be a more vocal and visible spokesman for his party -- something he accomplished Sunday on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News and CNN.
Wow! Let's just drive Obama and Biden from office, end the presidential race, and just name Paul Ryan sexypants King of America!

This is a news story -- and it comes well after the first wave of Ryanmania. I would have liked to think that a story this breathless wouldn't be written about Ryan after 2012 -- but here it is. Paul Ryan: Still the Beltway's dreamboat.


Ten Bears said...

Does this mean they're out of the closet?

Ken_L said...

He was, however, incapable of nominating even one positive measure which Republicans intended to raise for consideration in the remainder of Obama's term.

Feud Turgidson said...

While it's true that a bunch of Secret Service hoods slashing about in full Hugo Weaving likely stands to disturb the forest critters, it really shouldn't matter THIS much when the prey is appropriately tethered & sedated & a large enough bull's eye sprayed over its little beating heart.

As to the Hill being 'known' for its straight reporting, just take a look at any reader comments thread. Even the one's to the most seemingly innocuous Hill posts would tear the bandwidth off a Freepster thread.

Cherry Pie said...

This is the guy that said 'rape is just another form of conception.' He is a filthy sexpig sociopath. He has earned my undying enmity. I will vote for ANY DEM. Repubs like Ryan have made me a one issue voter.

Professor Chaos said...

This guys got the biggest man-crush I've ever seen