Friday, November 06, 2015


As part of Ben Carson's (apparently quite successful) efforts to persuade Republican voters that he's being persecuted by the mean old media, he spoke to David Brody of Pat Robertson's CBN today. In addition to claiming that an informal offer of help with West Point admissions is exactly the same as receiving a formal offer of a place there, Carson said the press is tracking down other rumors:
Brody: …What is your message to Evangelical[s] as it relates to this in terms of what the media is doing here and about the vetting process and about being under scrutiny?

Carson: My message is that all that is going on I fully expect because the, particularly the secular progressive movement is incredibly threatened by me. They will continue to look for anything, I mean they'll ask my kindergarten teacher if I wet my pants. They will go through all lengths to try to discredit it me, but I have the truth on my side, so I'm not particularly worried about them. They're already very frustrated because they've been every place I've (muffled). They were sure there was some kind of scandal. They were sure there was a nurse that I had an affair with -- something, and they're getting very, very frustrated.
"They were sure there was a nurse that I had an affair with"? Really? Is this a hypothetical? Or is he saying that he's heard that this was literally a topic of inquiry?

I can't find a reference to this rumor anywhere in the bowels of the Internet, but hey, maybe it's being whispered about somewhere (in some competing candidate's opposition-research shop, perhaps? or in Roger Stone's subterranean lair?). My guess is that the adultery story isn't true, but I'm not sure there even is an adultery story -- at this point, I'm not putting it past Carson to make up an attack on himself, just for the extra sympathy. (Through the Fire: My War with the Secular Progressives Who Tried to Destroy My Reputation and Ban Christianity will probably be at your local bestseller sometime in 2017, and be Carson's biggest bestseller yet.)

And if the adultery rumor were true? Herman Cain was brought down by adultery, but the love for Carson among Christian conservatives is so great that they'd probably conclude that using the term "adultery" to describe a sexual relationship between Carson and a woman other than his wife was just an evil trick of semantics on the part of "secular progressives" in the LIE-beral media. It would be beyond what a lot of liberals said about Bill Clinton (yeah, he's a dog, but the proper punishment is Hillary making him sleep on the couch, not impeachment). I think, somehow, Carson would emerge with the Carsonistas admiring him more. Teflon? This is so far beyond Teflon that material science hasn't invented anything that would be a suitable metaphor. He just turns attacks into anti-matter. He's definitely the favorite to win the nomination.


Glennis said...

Wow, he totally melted down on CNN. Astonishing. The guy is unstable.

Yastreblyansky said...

Did you see the thing at 538 on the GOP establishment advantages in accumulating delegates?

Ten Bears said...

Yes Yas, it's still Jeb? and Jeb? in a Dress!

I'm bettin' he did bonk a nurse. What was it G'ma used to say about keeping your mouth shut? Or giving the uncivilized enough rope...

Feud Turgidson said...

"I'm not putting it past Carson to make up an attack on himself"

The WSJ - hardly 'th' lib'rul meedja' - has an piece up reciting all the Carson adventure fables we've come to know about & a few more I at least wasn't aware of heretofore. Apparently, Doctor B has claimed that he saved a herd of white students from being lynched or beat up or something by a hoard of scary blahs roving the halls of Yale looking to revenge the murder of MLK on the fateful day.

Shockingly, no one knows WTF Carson is been on about with that particular fakatah tale.

Adding to the list of things Carson's not quite clear on, it appears Team Carson is leaning critically on the presumption of innocence to get him out from under not only this pickle, but pretty much the whole barrel of 'em he's brought on himself.

All these fabrications to me bring up a cartoon of that old children's cartoon character not just voiced but based on the personna that the actor Wally Cox turned into a career, of the meek undersized little dweeb in glasses who everyone would ignore & underestimate until he got pushed TOO FAR, whereupon his business suit would fly off in all directions thru the sheer force of his justice muscle, revealing a bespectacled beagle in modified superhero clothes - WONDERDOG!

Apparently Ben's managed to make it thru most of his 65 years of existence on his planet without anyone ever calling him out for his self-serving bullshit.

I love how the wingosphere & pity party press now are gathered about ol' Doc Big Talk ACCUSING LIB'RULS OF RACISM against him. It's like he's claiming to be saved from being lynched at the hands of a mob of progressive humanists, new ager secularists & pot-smoking hippies by a modern day vigilante rescue squad of good ol' boy white supremacists ridin' down hoopin' anna hollerin' outta the Appalachians.

Feud Turgidson said...

Yas, my take on that 538 piece is that it reflects one quite narrow view of the GOP delegate allocation scheme, and that there are sound electoral reasons for it, or at least something along the same lines, EVEN THO it holds the potential to work towards some quixotic red state conservative 'ideal' of representative democracy. The 'ideal' assumes in the 539 piece to me amounts to some version of the infamous Hastert Rule, which, if that were to actually have been followed slavishly, by now would have detroyed the union, balkanized the whole territory between Canada and Mexico, permanently destroyed the overall relatively favored position of the US in the global economy, and brought about conditions that would lead inevitably to war between or among at least some of whatever newly created 'regional' alliances would survive the conflagration. I'd foresee what's now the U.S. spending the balance of this 21st century recreating what happened in Germany in the 19th century in going from being pieces in the Austrian Empire to becoming the pre-Weimer Republic German Empire.

That may seem overblown and overreliant on the notion of history repeating itself, but it's not like what happened in 19th century Germany is really all that unique in the history of human civilization, and it's still well short of Armageddon - or, it would be if not for the horrors that climate change is already starting to visit on us.

But hold onto all that: the reason the GOP does this is because it's owners, the folks who run the business operation that is the RNC, would actually like to have a decent shot at getting a more-or-less blindly capitalistic puppet into the White House, and NOT going this way, but rather giving in to the implied red state ideal of a totally Hastert Rule'd presidential nomination process renders it nearly impossible to get that under the current Electoral College scheme provided for in the Constitution.

If the delegate allocation were effect nothing more than to 'mirror' the red state hegemony that characterizes the current party, then that would doom the GOP into morphing into something like the Confederacy. The way they've got delegate allocation set up now doesn't expose the national party to any vulnerability in the solid red states because the party has instituted all sorts of cultural controls over those that have proven resilient to state voters going rogue, or rather bleu, and election Democratic party governors and state legislators.

But even more basic than all that is that a critical plurality of red state Republican voters only care about the national government to the extent it does anything at all beyond total border controls & directing the nation's armed forces in foreign wars. They want all that to end; all they want out of Washington is to declare the U.S. a white Christian nation, keep out yer brown types (except for seasonal farm workers), deport all those angry, scary & uppity blah types, and bomb foreign states back into the Stone Age (with maybe some mass slaughtering & sytemic torturing thrown in to give the troops something to keep them occupied while American Mega Corporations loot the rest of the globe of everything movable while enslaving the 95% of humanity that's unAmerican & establishing the American Empire for a thousand years.

In light of those two big goals, the current RNC delegate allocation scheme is quite a reasonable compromise.

Steve M. said...

The 538 piece has a point -- except that Trump probably plays as well among Republicans in the later-voting, moderate states as he does among Deep South immigrant-haters. So maybe he's still the favorite. And I'm not sure the "winnowing" will be as neat as a lot of people seem to believe -- Jeb might stay in jut long enough to limit Rubio's rise, or this week's effort to cheer Christie back into the race might bear fruit. But I admit that the race could play out the way the piece describes.