Friday, November 27, 2015


The gunman who shot eleven people at a Colrado Planned Parenthood office has been apprehended -- but while the siege was still taking place, as Gawker notes, Fox News identified the real villain: President Obama.

There's a clip in the Gawker post that I can't embed; in it, Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle blames the siege on the fact that evil Obama wants to restrict the use of military-style hardware by police, a point enthusiastically seconded by former New York cop and regular Fox contributor Bo Dietl. Yes, folks, that was the big problem today, not the fact that a guy went into a Planned Parenthood, shot cops, and terrorized a community.

In the clip, Guilfoyle says to Dietl:
Yeah, Bo, we were getting some reports earlier and talking about the Justice Department and, you know, stripping local law enforcement officers of that, you know, much-needed tactical supplies, military-style equipment, Ferguson and whatnot, and the investigations that happened, and you just think about a situation like this where the police need every available resource to put down an active shooter situation, especially someone that seems to be heavily armed, doesn't make sense to me why we would handicap our police officers when we need them in a crisis situation like this.
Dietl's reply, as the Gawker post notes, is war-porn word salad -- but the point he makes is clear enough. It's also clear that Dietl isn't going off on a rant on his own volition -- the segment is set up to raise this issue. Dietl is replying to Guilfoyle's question, which is asked in order to get the Fox message across:
Again, this is our president acting like a fool again. I mean, to see something like this, we noticed when the attacks occurred in Paris, when the cops were in their car getting attacked. We have to prepare ourselves. This is a war. We’re against... terrorists are against this country.

It’s going to open up here in America, and we’ve got to be prepared. And we’ve also got to start training all our officers in the use of high-powered equipment. We’re dealing with bad people here. Our little 9 millimeters are not going to do anything against somebody with an AK-47. So let's [unintelligible] the belief that we're in fairyland here. This is an attack on us; it’s going to be for the next generation. We have to deal with it. We have to prepare ourselves for the worst, and pray that the worst don’t happen.
So the Obama administration expressed some skepticism about police militarization, therefore a Planned Parenthood siege proves that Ialamicists are going to kill us all.

In reality, as the Denver Post reports, heavy equipment was used to deal with this situation:
Throughout the late afternoon, the encounter could be heard on the police scanner, with the authorities describing how they had driven a BearCat armored vehicle into the building, smashing through two sets of doors into the lobby and rescuing some of those inside.
That would be this vehicle:

But this is what Roger Ailes considers the most important mission of Fox News: to mine every single news story for a real or imagined examples of liberal evil and perfidy. If a planet-destroying meteorite someday approaches Earth, the Fox take will be: Could this have been prevented if President Obama hadn't insisted on those NASA cutbacks? This is what Fox is all about.


Victor said...

If there's a killer meterite approaching the Earth, FOX will say that if only Obama was a Christian, and not an EEEEBIL MOOOOZLUM, then God would avert it!

But since he's not, WE'RE ALL DOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!


Grung_e_Gene said...

When "whites" commit crimes it's because of some demonic outside force, e.g. Video Games and Violent Movies (which is code for Hollywood and Jews), naughty lyrics in rap music (dastardly black culture influence), mental illness, liberal schooling, and so forth. Thus, we can conclude the virtuous white person was corrupted and forced to act as he did. However, Muslims are Terrorists because of their religion and Blacks are criminals because of their culture and upbringing. They are impure due to their inherent nature.

Feud Turgidson said...

Don't matter if this a lick of sense, it serves as elevator music to the Fox faithful, drowning out reality. That alone'll make some small contribution to imaginary Obama being on the 2016 general election to defeat.

It reminds me of the in-character mentality Randy Newman expresses in a song on his album Land of Dreams:

Nineteen forty-eight my Daddy
Came to the city
Told the people that they'd
Won the war
Maybe theyda heard it
Maybe not
Probably theyda heard about it
An' just forgot
They started to party
Then partied some more
New Orleans had WON the war -
We knew we'd do it -
We done WHIPPED the Yankees!

If it weren't for the fact their ignorant stubborn resentful cruelty hurts so many including themselves, they'd be due pity.

Ten Bears said...

Daesh Christian Terrorists. The shooter, a radicalized Christian Terrorist, a Daesh Christian Terrorist. The enabling media bimbo giving the rubes a panty shot every nineteen minutes, a radicalized Christian Terrorist, a Daesh Christian Terrorist. The ex-cop, a dog. A radicalized Daesh Christian Terrorist dog but a dog never-the-less.

They guy behind the camera is every bit the terrorist as the one swinging the machete.

Christian Terrorist dogs. No different than their cousins the Jews and Muslims. They all bow down to the same damned dog... and if we don't stop this insepient adolescent bickering over whose imaginary dog has the bigger dick we as a species (and most of those around us) are NOT GONNA' MAKE IT, not going to grow up, are not going to survive. End of the road. Extinction.

In the name of the Jew Christian Muslim dog.