Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Jeb Bush can't seriously believe this is going to get him the Republican presidential nomination, can he?
The cash-rich group aiding Jeb Bush’s White House run has filmed a provocative video casting his rival Marco Rubio as ultimately unelectable because of his hard-line stand against abortion....

Any attacks on Mr. Rubio would come primarily from Right to Rise, the “super PAC” that has raised more than $100 million for Mr. Bush. Its top strategist, Mike Murphy, refused to detail its strategy but did not dispute that Mr. Rubio was in its sights.

In an attempt to blunt Mr. Rubio’s appeal and showcase a potential vulnerability against the Democratic nominee in the general election, Mr. Murphy recently showed some Republicans a video portraying Mr. Rubio as too extreme on abortion. A longtime opponent of abortion rights, Mr. Rubio said in a debate in August that he had “never advocated” laws that would allow abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.
This comes from a New York Times story about Jeb's plans for an all-out assault on Rubio. Last night on Twitter, commenters were focusing on the fact that Jeb is telegraphing his punches again, just the way he telegraphed an attack on Rubio before the last debate. (Rubio anticipated the punch and knocked Jeb to the canvas.)

But I'm amazed at the content of the attack. Jeb thinks he's going to win the Republican contest by portraying Rubio as too hard-line on abortion? Okay, maybe Jeb is threatening to run these ads in New Hampshire -- but he does know that they have the Internet in Iowa, doesn't he? Iowa, where 60% of Republican caucus goers described themselves as evangelical in 2008, and 57% did in 2012? If Jeb runs this ad in New Hampshire, does he think they won't see it in Iowa? Or South Carolina? Or Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas, which are all voting a month after Iowa? And even if this is just an idle threat, does he think evangelicals aren't reading this Times article right now?

Oh, but this strategy isn't just suicidal, it's incoherent:
Right to Rise held focus groups in New Hampshire shortly after the Oct. 28 Republican debate, in which, among other things, the participants were quizzed about Mr. Rubio’s missed [vote] on ... cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood....
Jeb's hoping to attack Rubio for being too extreme on abortion and for missing the Planned Parenthood vote? And he doesn't see the contradiction?

Rubio, for his part, may not be reacting to this very shrewdly:
Whether or not the onslaught ever materializes, Mr. Rubio and his team are bracing for it and preparing to counter it by sifting through hours of video footage for instances in which Mr. Bush spoke about Mr. Rubio as an admiring ally, not a political foe.
Why would Rubio want to run ads in which he's praised by the most despised candidate in the race? A guy who (unlike Rubio) is increasingly loathed the longer he's in the race, as a new McClatchy-Marist poll notes?
Republicans voters by 67-20 percent say the more they hear about Carson, the more they like him rather than dislike him. The same voters by 58-27 percent say the same of Rubio, and by 51-31 percent of Cruz....

Republicans by 58-32 percent say the more they learn about Bush, the less they like him. Voters in every demographic group felt similarly.
The folks in Rubio's campaign are warning the Bushies not to launch these attacks -- or maybe they're using reverse psychology and trying to induce the attacks (which I think would be the smart strategy, considering how much GOP voters hate Bush):
They are also telegraphing a warning that has already reached many of Mr. Bush’s donors: Such an assault, they argue, would be beneath the dignity of the Bush name.
Of course, such a campaign wouldn't besmirch the Bush name -- it would be quintessential Bush. The Willie Horton campaign against Mike Dukakis, the Swift Boat campaign against John Kerry, the whisper campaign about John McCain's alleged secret black child in 2000 -- the Rubio attacks are mild by comparison.

And that's what's makes all this so painful to watch. Jeb thinks he has to do this or he'll lose face in his family -- and we know from something Jeb said at a recent New Hampshire campaign appearance how much real estate Poppy has occupied in Jeb's head over the years:

Jeb, grow up. Be your own man. You don't have to keep doing this.


Philo Vaihinger said...

I don't get it. Didn't Jeb come out the other day in favor of the same view of abortion as Rubio's? Or one only slightly less restrictive?

Never Ben Better said...

And to think JEB? was once considered among the Democrats' most dangerous foes in the general....

Makes you wonder how he ever got elected to anything, anywhere, doesn't it?

Daro said...

I think it was when Jeb hired ace foreign policy mastermind Paul Wolfowitz as his foreign policy adviser that I leaned back and relaxed with a smile, knowing Jeb! wasn't going to make it. I mean, FFS, out of the 1,000 top foreign policy experts at his beck and call, he picks Wolfowitz? What a dope.

Ten Bears said...

Jeb? is still running for president?



PRESIDENT OBAMA is definitely setting U.S. up for a COUP in 2016



Unknown said...

JEB was a horrible governor of FL. His so called education plan on "no child left behind" did more to hurt than help the state and its most valuable assets -- the children. My son, who couldn't subject was passed by his teachers due to this new policy. However, I was told that he was no further behind than any of the other students and he would eventually catch up. When he graduated from the 6th grade and he still had issues, I decided to pull him out of public school and home school him. I did so until his senior year of high school. At this point, he decided to return to school and graduate with his class. However, because of the stupid education plans and policies by JEB, I had to again fight with the school system to get him back into school since they determined that he should have graduated the year earlier and wasn't considered a senior any longer. As a concerned parent, I should not have to fight to get the education my tax dollars pay for and that my children deserve. JEB has no clue that each time he stands before Americans and tells his lies that those of us who really know how much harm he caused, he makes us that much madder and determined to ensure that no "career politicians" will be put back into office. He has no clue as to why so many are drawn to Trump. JEB and other politicians need to remember, there have been immigration laws on the books for years which have been ignored which has permitted millions of illegals immigrants into this country. The politicians from the states could have banded together and overturned any executive order or the Obama Care Crap which has been slammed down our throats. Parents who smoke in their homes are not censored as much as the rest of us when they are knowingly causing harm or death to their children. Where is the justice for the rest of us who want to be safe, secure, and enjoy our freedoms and liberties. WAKE UP JEB -- YOU HAVE NO CLUE. DROP OUT OF THE RACE -- YOU WILL NOT WIN!!!!!!

Boli said...

Stick it out Jeb. Keep to the issues. If you need to. Run as a Independent