Tuesday, November 03, 2015


The effort by GOP presidential candidates to force changes to future debates has been met with derision from Megyn Kelly of Fox News:
Fox News host Megyn Kelly on Monday night mocked the letter drafted by Republican presidential campaigns listing a series of rules and questions for networks hosting future debates.

After listing some of the demands, including that networks not allow lightning rounds or candidate-to-candidate questioning, Kelly jokingly suggested, "And then maybe the foot massage?"

She then criticized the campaigns' request that they approve any graphics about the candidates ahead of the debate.

"Can you imagine having to submit our graphics for approval to the candidates? Good luck with that," she said.
She's not the only person affiliated with Fox who's dismissive:
Peter Johnson, Jr. -- a Fox News analyst and longtime confidante of Fox News chief Roger Ailes -- warned Monday, “At some point, the Republican candidates are going to look weaselly and weak if they continue on this parade.”
Yes, Fox News believes that the candidates should just suck it up and stop complaining about the debates. And you can see why: If the candidates keep complaining, they might start sounding like ... Fox News.
* Bozell: CNBC Debate Was an 'Encyclopedic Example of Liberal Media Bias'

--headline at Fox Nation, 10/29/15

* The hosts of "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning criticized the moderators of the CNBC Republican presidential debate....

"It seems universal the big loser was CNBC. What kind of agenda did they have going, going into that debate with you guys last night?" co-host Steve Doocy asked [Senator Marco] Rubio on Thursday morning....

Later in the interview, co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck again criticized the CNBC debate.

"Senator, we asked our viewers to send in questions, as the moderators did such a lousy job getting to the issues... ," she said.

--Caitlin MacNeal, "Fox Hosts Slam 'Lousy' CNBC Debate, Question Moderators' 'Agenda,'" Talking Points Memo, 10/29/15

* 'It Was Pretty Much a Waste of My Time': Watters Gets Reactions to CNBC's Disastrous GOP Debate

--headline at Fox News Insider, 10/29/15

* “The moderators had a worse night than the New York Mets … this was a trainwreck,” Fox News' Howard Kurtz charged Thursday, referring to Game 2 of the World Series, and calling the debate questions “condescending, snide, hostile and borderline insulting.”

--"CNBC Moderators Get Bipartisan Drubbing for Debate Performance," FoxNews.com story, 10/30/15

* ... this Colorado catastrophe didn’t just hurt CNBC. It reinforced the view that all journalists are snarky and arrogant, and that they have no interest in being fair to Republicans.

--Howard Kurtz, "Why CNBC’s Debate Fiasco Fuels the Case That Journalists Hate Republicans," FoxNews.com, 10/30/15

* The day after the debate dust-up, CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla reminded viewers how liberal he really is. Responding to reports China was relaxing its mandatory one-child policy, he Tweeted: “One thing about China's one-child policy: it worked.”

Yes, forced murder of babies was very effective. Forced murder of 360 million to 400 million babies -- against the wishes of their parents. Very effective. Wonder if Quintanilla would say Turkey’s forced murder of 1.5 million Armenians “worked.”

--Dan Gainor, opinion column at FoxNews.com, 10/30/15

* "A lot of people are upset …and I think probably criticism is justified… I do think juggling 10 candidates on stage is very difficult and if you have 10 candidates who are now emboldened to kind of jump in … right from the beginning, it becomes a melee and at times, I think that’s what that devolved into.”

--Bret Baier on Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends, 11/2/15
Yes, Fox's Megyn Kelly and Peter Johnson are right. Hey, candidates, stop complaining. You don't want to sound like these whiners!

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