Saturday, August 01, 2015


Yesterday, Hunter Walker of Business Insider unearthed some racist Facebook posts by a top Donald Trump aide:
Sam Nunberg, one of Trump's political advisers, has a personal Facebook page that features notes he's posted since 2007.

These updates ... contain many racially charged statements including one instance on August 25, 2007, where Nunberg wrote about calling Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter "N---!"

... Nunberg called Obama a "Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser" and "Farrakahn's Messiah." Some of Nunberg's posts about Obama contained seemingly mocking references to the president's race and background including updates where Nunberg implied Obama is a "Kenyan" and "Muslim."

Three days before Obama was inaugurated in 2009, Nunberg joked that "there still are tickets available for the Hip Hop Inaugral Ball."
Reached for comment, a Trump spokesperson told Walker that Nunberg would be fired -- which led Walker's boss, Business Insider editor and CEO Henry Blodget, to fall for the "maybe Trump can grow and mature!" delusion:
What was surprising, at least to this Trump campaign observer, was the campaign's response to this revelation.

Within an hour after being alerted to Nunberg's Facebook's posts, a Trump campaign spokesman told Business Insider that Nunberg will be "terminated immediately" once the posts' authenticity is verified.

This reaction, of course, is the reaction that might be expected from any serious candidate for the US presidency.

Until now, however, Trump has not behaved like a serious candidate for the US presidency.

Rather, he has behaved like a schoolyard bully who feels entitled to say and do whatever he likes and attack anyone who criticizes him for any reason, no matter how valid such criticisms might seem.

... This move, along with what seems to be other modestly more "presidential" behavior on Trump's part in recent days, suggests that he is now taking his campaign for president more seriously.

... it seems like Trump might be thinking that he could actually make a serious go of this thing. And, thus, that he should begin to behave -- modestly -- more presidential.
Oh, please.

Trump isn't acting in a more responsible manner. He's just throwing a subordinate under the bus because the subordinate got caught embarrassing him, something he's always reserved the right to do. Trump already fired Nunberg once, earlier this year, after Nunberg was instrumental in arranging for a BuzzFeed profile that turned out to be highly unflattering to Trump. And earlier this week Trump distanced himself from lawyer Michael Cohen's attempted bullying of Daily Beast reporter Tim Mak and from Cohen's assertion that marital rape is legal.

But Trump is still reserving the right to be a bigoted blowhard himself. There he was on Thursday In Scotland, demanding an apology from BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter for questions about his Mexican-bashing. Trump continued to defend the remarks (hat tip: Paul Canning):

TRUMP: ... What I said in the United States turned out to be true. It was right. We're talking about illegal immigration.... What I said about, not Mexicans -- 'cause you said it very improperly, because obviously you're not, you don't want to be an accurate reporter, like many others -- but nobody's gonna say what I said about illegal immigration because I happen to be right. And I've been proven right since the statements were originally made, and people have apologized to me. Maybe one day you'll apologize, too.

So Trump's not "maturing." He's still an arrogant racist jerk. Don't be fooled, Henry.


Victor said...

A leopard doesn't change his spots.
He can't change them.
Especially when the leopard is a very old one.

Trump's been an obnoxious and bigoted asshole his whole life.
Why change now - especially when you're leading in the polls.

retiredeng said...

"Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser" and "Farrakahn's Messiah."
That's some serious word gumbo right there.

Glennis said...

What's with the profusion of ball-cap appearances lately? is the "do" malfunctioning?