Sunday, August 23, 2015


Maureen Dowd today, in her latest Donald Trump puff piece:
He’s tapped into a hunger among those who want to believe that America is not a shrinking, stumbling power passed like a pepper mill between two entitled families.
Yes, the son of real estate millionaire Fred Trump is, according to Dowd, the champion of ordinary Americans in the battle to wrest control of the Republic from "entitled families." Dowd writes this in a newspaper whose publisher's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all held the title of publisher before him, a newspaper published in a state whose governor was once campaign manager for his father, also a multi-term governor of New York. And if we may be indelicate, let's not forget that Dowd's most famous romantic relationship was with Oscar winner Michael Douglas, the famous Hollywood son of the famous Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas.

There are a lot of entitled families in Dowd's world. Only some of them upset her.


Unknown said...

A president Trump would save America for the 1%. Deregulation of Wall Street and lowering corporate taxes not to mention lower minimum wage. He would also attempt to raise a tariff wall for US goods. Dowd is deluded.

Unknown said...

@John Taylor

You're being way too kind about St. Modo, Patron Saint of the Perpetually Petulant.

Victor said...

Move over, Peggy Noonan - MoDo's the new rich and power lovin' gal in town!!!

Maybe it's time to rename her MoDerp!

Ken_L said...

It's beyond me why Bill and Hillary Clinton are "an entitled family". No matter how I approach it, that label makes no sense whatsoever.

I suspect what she and her media colleagues mean is "Get those people off the stage, they're so, like, yesterday. We want to see that new performer everybody's raving about!"

Soccer Dad said...

little disappointed in you today; not up to your normal high std

just because dowd is a hypocrite, doesn't mean she isn't right
as either oscar wilde or emerson said, the sign of an intelligent person is the ability to hold contradictory thoughts at the same time

spinozista said...

"Every woman adores a Fascist."

I would say that Dowd by herself is the full confirmation of that line, but, really - why single her out? The national corporate media have demanded veto power over the Democratic presidential nomination for almost 30 years now (and revenge whenever it's denied them), but they'll blow whatever Republican gets put in front of them.

Steve M. said...

I don't agree with Plath about that. I think some women adore fascists. Some men, too. (Think Chris Matthews when Bush wore that flight suit.)

🌈David Koch🌈 said...

Who's Maureen Dowd?