Sunday, August 23, 2015


So a couple of days ago this happened:
“I go out of my way to use the word ‘Christmas,'” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told an Alabama radio host....

“There’s an assault on anything having to do with Christianity,” Trump told Yellowhammer Radio host Cliff Sims on Friday. “They don’t want to use the word Christmas anymore at department stores.... There’s always lawsuits and unfortunately a lot of those lawsuits are won by the other side.”

As president, Trump vowed, “I will assault that. I will go so strongly against so many of the things, when they take away the word Christmas.”
Trump is clearly an avid consumer of right-wing media, so he knows what the battle lines are. As December 25 approaches, Real Americans are supposed to say "Merry Christmas," rather than the hated, "politically correct" "Happy Holidays."

But is it true? Are references to "Christmas" rather than "Happy Holidays" always preferred in Trumpworld?

Er, no:

Okay, that's just one tweet. But then there's this, from the Trump at Home Tumblr page:

And this, from the Trump Hotel Las Vegas:

And this, from the Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York:

And while the image is no longer available, I see this in a 2006 posting to a message board for casino chip collectors:

Which must be the same chip referred to in this 2007 newsletter from the Atlantic City Casino Collectibles Club:

And then there are these chips, from the Trump Marina in Atlantic City. Note the legend on the first one: "Have a wild holiday!" -- yes, "holiday," not "Christmas":

So no, Trump doesn't "go out of [his] way to use the word 'Christmas.'" But he doesn't care. He knows he can say anything at this point and his idiot fans will believe him.

(Via NewsHounds.)


Ken_L said...

Candidate Trump is a fantasy figure in whom low IQ right wingers have invested all the resentments and frustrations accumulated in the decades since the hippies lost Vietnam. It bears no relationship to actually-existing Trump, and is impervious to information about the latter. Fantasy Trump has taken we-hate-libturd comments at Breitbart and made them flesh. The growing groundswell of indignation that such a clown could be a serious contender for the presidency will simply serve to confirm their conviction that America has been lost to liberals who are all out to get them.

retiredeng said...

This is just more of Trump's market tested phoney baloney.

Victor said...

The rubes won't care!
They're too busy projecting all of their wishes and hopes - but more importantly, hatreds, fears and bigotry, onto tRUMP.

If tRUMP is the GOP nominee, will the motto be:
Vote for Donald tRUMP!
He’ll make the deportation trains run on time!!

We are ripe for Fascism.
Tell me where we’re not already there, or almost there, in these 4 defining points of Fascism:


Chai T. Ch'uan said...

Surely you noticed, Steve, that Trump at his recent yooge "pep rally" made sure to reiterate as he gushed about how much he loved his own book, The Art of the Deal, that it was only his 2nd favorite book in the whole world? And how he got the audience to shout out the correct fill-in-the-blank answer for his all-time favorite (which he must have just read, since only weeks ago he was ambivalently shrugging off questions about his religious devotion.)