Thursday, August 20, 2015

Biden her Time

#NotAllJenniferRubins. Jennifer Rubin, the talented and good-hearted one, as Edie Sedgwick in Oliver Stone's 1991 The Doors
Jennifer Rubin pushing a Biden candidacy May 20, June 8July 1, July 22, and most recently yesterday, with some outstanding campaign advice, competing for general tastelessness with Maureen Dowd:
We now know Beau wanted his father to run for office. It may be too emotionally grueling and even off-putting for Biden to invoke his deceased son, but Jill Biden, a tremendous political asset in her own right, can do it. 
Obviously it would be grotesquely tacky for you to exploit this family tragedy in the service of your political ambitions, but hey, you can let your wife do it for you!

What is it with this strange Rubinian passion for a candidate whose every policy she would despise (Biden is one of the strongest voices in the Obama administration against Israel's illegal West Bank settlements and in favor of Palestinian rights, which is why Binyamin Netanyahu made his famous attempt to humiliate him in 2010), and who probably can't win in any case?

I was inclined to chalk it up to Clinton hatred based on a self-hating misogyny like Dowd's, but maybe it's Republican strategic thinking—that Biden is the only person who could win the nomination and then lose the election (because of the false, but widely comedian-spread, belief among the public that he's a buffoon).

The effect on me is to make me feel more positive about Clinton, really—especially now that she's been doing some of that moving left from Obama, with the plan to make college debt-free (less ideal than Sanders's, obviously, but legislatively more achievable) and her new opposition to Alaska oil drilling. Anybody who is so hated as she is by these journalistic harpies do has to be good.

But as an obsession on Rubin's part, it's spectacularly weird.

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Victor said...

I'm not sure who has more issues, Rubin, MoDO, or McArgel-bargel?

Maybe it's a flat-footed in mouth tie.

Only their Psychiatrists and Therapists know for sure.

Keep trolling Jen. We need the laughs!

aimai said...

The amount of right wing fantasizing about which Democrat might conceivably lose to their actual Republican candidate is amazing and yet, of course, not amazing. But why each and every one of them is also enjoying the fantasy that someone, somewhere,considers them an honest broker whose opinion on potential "good" Democratic candidates will be received as other than an obvious attempt at ratfucking is even more beyond me. I mean--do they really get up every day and write venom and spittle flecked columns about Democratic politicians and voters and also think no one notices so they can write a few "helpful hints" columns and have them be taken at face value?

Dark Avenger said...

You just have to look at her "Boost, don't knock" columns before Romney went down to defeat in 2012, and her morning-after criticisms of the campaign that were pretty revealing in themselves. So she's already established that she's a mendacious twit, and that was almost 3 years ago.

As for the anecdote about Beau wanting his father to run, I kinda doubt that as well. It's never been verified with the name of anyone who heard him say it, and it's just the thing that the journalists would like to talk about.

Anyway, you can't fix stupid. That's my take on her.

Ken_L said...

I think 'stop Hillary from getting the nomination' is an end in itself for many on the right. It would represent some kind of ultimate victory over the family that's defeated and humiliated them so often. Implications for 2016? They don't think ahead that far.

Feud Turgidson said...

Victor, I'm with you on that, but in addition I'm not sure why anyone should be in the least surprised with what all of them are doing here.

It's so easy to lapse here into pendantry, and neither you nor anyone else who comments on this blog needs any of that, BUT it's worth noting the obvious: Hillary Clinton, besides being very probably the single most widely-known living female on this planet at this moment, is the overwhelming favorite to gain the nomination of the more popular of the only two major political parties in the biggest combination national economy and military power on the planet, taking over the leadership of her party from a president fated to be regarded in history as the best POTUS since LBJ at least, and, if elected, which all reliable polling says she will be, will become the first woman EVER POTUS.

It's not like MoDo and JenRub et all don't know all that. And it's why they, over the next 15 months, are going to be meanest of mean grrrlll political pundits in the history of this nation.

Victor said...

MoDo emasculates male Democrats - example: "O'Bambi," Gore's earth-tones suits, etc.

She'll be attaching a p*nis, balls, and a hairy upper-lip to Hillary any day now.