Friday, August 07, 2015


Gosh, another bit of Jeb Bush nastiness has been "inadvertently" exposed by the press? Two such reports in two days? What were the odds?
Oops: Jeb's Website Publishes, Then Deletes, Attacks on Walker, Rubio

Jeb Bush's official campaign website on Thursday briefly featured two separate sections attacking two top Republican rivals, something he has not publicly done thus far in the 2016 presidential race.

One portion of his website went after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and it didn't hold back. "The only job Scott Walker cares about creating is his own," it read, before favorably contrasting his record against his rival's....

And ... the section on Florida Senator Marco Rubio [describes him] as a "first-term senator" who "ran for office at age 26" and links to a PolitiFact piece which says "Obama And Rubio's State Experiences Certainly Are Comparable."
You can screenshots of the attacks at the link, which is from Bloomberg Politics. This comes a day after a Politico report that, "according to accounts provided by several sources close to Bush," Jeb told a GOP donor that Donald Trump is "'a buffoon,' 'clown' and 'asshole.' "

Jeb insists he's running an upbeat, positive, optimistic campaign. He's said that "tearing down other people won't help at all." And it's true that he does seem gee-whizzy and aw-shucks-y most of the time on the trail (and in the debate last night).

But he's a hypocrite. His allies leaked that "asshole" story -- but then he denied the report in last night's debate. And don't tell me the posting of the attacks was some campaign volunteer's accident.

Bush is just another pol, but he wants to seem more high-minded than everyone else. He should have the guts and the honesty to own his campaign's attacks. Sorry, Jeb -- you're not an innocent Boy Scout if you're a sneaky little phony.

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Victor said...

Jeb(!) is a Bush.

Being a sneaky phony is part of the package.

He doesn't want to dirty his hands with criticism, so he "outsources" it to his cronies!

Look at what H.W Bush tried to do to Reagan, and what W did to McCain!

Those were not accidents!
It didn't work with St. Ronnie, but it did with McCain.

The more I look at the family, the more I think that the best politician of the lot, was W.
He was a horrendous President, but he was the best retail politician out of his father and brother(s).

I wouldn't vote for Jeb(!) on a bet.
But, then, I wouldn't ever vote for a Republican as the party is currently comprised.
Too much crazy, ignorant, stupid, evil, and bigotry!