Friday, March 08, 2013


John McCain has criticized Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and other new-style Republicans, referring to them as "wacko birds." And now Newt Gingrich has chastised McCain for attacking these "mavericks."

Newt Gingrich attacking John McCain?

I guess now there'll finally be some diversity of opinion on Sunday morning talk shows.

But seriously: If there's a genuine GOP split coming on issues like the government's use of force, which Republican Party will the Beltway be wired for? We know that Beltway journalists believe Republican thinking defines the center, while Democratic thinking is dangerously to the left of the American consensus. But if Rand Paul is talking about restraints on government power, with the GOP base's enthusiastic support, while media darlings John McCain and Lindsey Graham are still talking about carrying a big stick, who's going to be embraced by This Week and Meet the Press and Face the Nation?

Or will they just be asked to tag-team the president and Democrats for the foreseeable future, as a sort of bad cop/different kind of bad cop team? Will they peacefully coexist, as long as they unite on the goal of marginalizing Democratic ideas?


Victor said...

I believe that they'll tag-team Obama and the Democrats.

But, the prime spots will go to McInsane (R - Dementia), and Limpseed Cornpone Grahamcrackers (R - Deep in the Heart O' Closet).

And, if Schmoe LieberPUTZ (I - ASSHOLE!) was invited to to make a surprise appearance, we'd have a reunion of "The Two Amigo's - And the Slightly Masculine Amigette!"

McInsane and Grahamcrackers haven't been the same since LieberPUTZ left the Senate, before he got less votes than he has relatives.

And now, both of them have their panties in a scrunch up their butt-holes, since Paul and Cruz are taking the spotlight away from their song and dance.

What scares me, is that Cruz, and Paul, and Rubio, and maybe even Ryan, may be more of an impediment to progress than "The Two Amigo's - Plus, Amigrette!"

Victor said...

Oh yeah, and one other thought this morning:
When Republicans break "Reagan's 11th Commandment" about not criticising fellow Republicans, they REALLY break his commandment.