Wednesday, March 20, 2013

(or something like that)

The first thing that will probably catch your eye if you go to Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher's Joe for America site is that he's giving away an AR-15. (But these days, who isn't?) That might be all you care to know about JTP (well, that and the fact that he'll be pissed off at you if you call the AR-15 an "assault weapon"), but you really should stay for the incisive commentary.

Like "Tolerance for Everything (Except God)," which also appears in Joe's RedState member diary, and which explains that if we truly want to understand the gay marriage debate, we should look to the wisdom of children:
While being gay has been around forever, (here I go) it’s not a normal thing for a man to look upon another man with lust in his eyes. Acceptance is one thing, but to label it as normal is where things begin to go south. A little background.

30 years ago we use to play a game called "smear the queer;" a game where whoever had the football got gang tackled. It was a normal. If you had the ball, you were the queer, because no one else had the ball, and having the ball made you odd or "queer" in that respect. Of course, you could throw the ball to another player and the pack would quickly turn to smear that queer, without regard to his or her sexuality, I might add. Queer, gay, homo, fag meant nothing having to do with what you were attracted to and no one committed suicide, got beat up or even called names in that regard. That was my experience.

Then, about ten years later, the media and the ever-tolerant Hollywood (not), began portraying homosexual (men) on television and film as the "Funny" one or the one you felt sorry for - just to get us used to the idea. C'mon - who didn't laugh at Paul Lynde or Charles Nelson Reilly? And not until Ellen demanded her character come out of the closet (which she was summarily fired for) did gay characters litter the big and small screen alike, whether it was important or not. ( Just to go a little further with this point, Hollywood will put "gay" characters in tv show/movies that are not relevant to the plot. They try to portray this as "Normal" America. I can tell you right now, when I'm tossing the football with my son in front of the house, I have never seen 2 men hand in hand prancing down the street. You?)
Tightly reasoned!

From this, Joe turns nimbly to other burning social issues:
Policies from our meddling Federal Government have done everything they can do to destroy the family structure in America and squelch Christian's values. Welfare, in the form of food stamps and monthly checks issued with no responsibility whatsoever, not only encourage single parenting – actually requires there be no man involved. We know this to be true, but will liberals admit it and help to change it? Of course not, because crack-heads, strippers and government dependents tend to vote Democrat. I need more stuff – give me more stuff.

The final destruction and/or perversion of the definition of marriage is next.

Marriage is the cornerstone for a solid society and destroying it destroys us all. You don't have to look at crime rates and stats about strippers who come from families without a father and mother to know what's going on. Just look around you – who's doing better, the people who grew up in traditional families or the ones breaking into your house, smoking crack or taking dollar bills from strangers, gawking at their nude body?
So to sum up: crackhead strippers are living much higher on the hog than you and I are, so we should abolish welfare, and we should also ban gay marriage, which, as every eleven-year-old boy knows, is not "normal."

Got it?

Oh, and here's the promo video for Joe's AR-15 giveaway -- which is scored to Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba," a song that's largely a shout-out to sex workers, criminals, and drug addicts:


Victor said...

We can rightfully blame Kristol and McCain for Sister Sarah, the Simpleton Saint of Sitka.

But at the same time, we have to also hold then candidate Obama at least partially responsible for pulling him out of line and giving this imbecile his Warhol moment, which he's managed to keep for almost 5 years.

But the ultimate blame for JtP goes to the MSM, who can't call a moron a moron - at least if he/she isn't a Liberal or Democrat.

Go to any news channel or news talk show, and there's always some Reich-wing nut talking about "the loony left."
But, let a Liberal call someone like JtP a moron, and they're labeled as uncivil, if not downright rude.

I swear, if I could get out of this moronic country, I'd gladly take any job, just to get away from here.

Unknown said...

"I need more stuff – give me more stuff."

Well, at least he's finally being honest about it.

Oh, wait - those are supposedly the crackhead stripper's words? Never mind.

He should've put them in quotation marks so we don't get confused.

aimai said...

Jeebus. "When I was miming and imitating attacking fags I didn't know there were real fags all around me. Its the fault of hollywood for encouraging men to act faggy in public. How was I supposed to know that they existed prior to my becoming marginally self aware as a human being?"

This guy has the moral development of a nematode, which I suppose goes along with his truncated historical and social consciousness. I have met people like this, usually on the internet. People will call others a "pansy" or a "fag" and then say "I didn't know it was a gay slur"--you'll link to a dictionary and they'll act like any period more than ten years before the present date is out of bounds. How was I to know the word dates to the 1800's and is a commonly known euphemism? I'm only 40 years old!"

Professor Chaos said...

Ellen was "summarily fired?' I remeber her show going on for at least another full season after her character came out. If she had been "summarily fired," wouldn't that kn=ind of blow up his point about gay-friendly Hollywood?