Sunday, March 24, 2013


Tell me again about how the Republican Party is the party that distrusts foreign policy interventionism:
There's mounting evidence that over the last two years the Assad regime has used "at least a small quantity" of chemical weapons against rebel forces in Syria's raging civil war, House Intelligence Committee chair Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said today on "Face the Nation," adding that the time is now for U.S. intervention.

... Rogers said the fact that President Bashar al-Assad has ordered scud missile attacks on civilians "in and of itself should prompt action." The "wholesale slaughter" of Syrian rebels and civilians, he said, "is now spilling up to the doorstep of Israel."

"This is a growing, destabilizing event in the Middle East," Rogers continued. "Our Arab League allies talk to us frequently, and they are as frustrated as I have seen them because of the lack of U.S. leadership at the time table." ...

Rogers said Mr. Obama "can do this in a way that doesn't lure the United States into a big, boots-on-the-ground conflict." Intervention, he said, "doesn't mean 101st Airborne Division and ships; it means small groups with special capabilities reengaging the opposition, so we can vet them, train them, equip them so they can be an effective fighting force."

"The president went to the Middle East and said, 'This is a hard decision: If I go in, it might be wrong, if I don't go in it might be wrong,'" Rogers said. "Indecision, in this case, is dangerous." ...
All the emoprogs who watched the Rand Paul drone filibuster and started dreaming of a Republican Party that's consistently -- or even regularly -- to the right of the Democrats were smoking crack. Rand and his dad have given the GOP a way to attack Democrats from the left, but their default position is always going to be to attack from the right, because "Democrat" will mean "1960s hippie" for as long as there's one angry white voter out there still thinks Jane Fonda urinal targets are the height of hilarity.

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Victor said...

Now, with the "Sequester," our debt is being fixed way too fast, so, to keep up the charade that we still need to fix it by cutting Earned Benefits ("entitlements," to the sociopaths at 'Fix the Debt'), means we need another expensive foreign entanglement.
A disasterous one, to compensate for W's two disasterous wars and occupations, would gladden the hearts of any Conservatives - especially since neither they, nor anyone in their immediate family, or friends, will have any skin in that game.

Remember, the Republicans goal is to end Obamacare before it gets fully implemented, and it's alway been, and always will be, to privatize SS and Medicare, and to eliminate Medicare.

If it takes war to make that happen, let there be war(s) - if it takes isolation, well, then, let's not get involved.

The prize is always Earned Benefits.

Don't take your eyes off of that prize, because you know that they won't.