Thursday, March 07, 2013


If I may quote myself (though I'm embarrassed by the typo):

Seriously -- do it now. Let's see how thoughtfully moral the new post-neocon Republicans really are.

A guy who writes for Townhall responded to this:

I point out his response because it reveals what I believe is the difference between right-wing fans of Rand Paul's filibuster and progressive fans. Progressive fans think Rand was upset about drones. Rand Paul, as far as I can tell, was upset only about drones aimed at U.S. citizen noncombatants on U.S. territory only.

And his right-wing fans seem to be the same. They don't care about any other issue that progressives would put under the rubric of civil liberties/due process/human rights/rule of law. They don't think foreigners who come into contact with U.S. military power have any rights that Americans are bound to respect.


Uncle Mike said...

Because civil liberties are only for Americans?

Got it. Thanks, Townhall-bot.

Victor said...

Here, Steve, let me fix this for you:
"They don't think foreigners who come into contact with U.S. military power have any rights that WHITE Americans are bound to respect."

And, deep down, they wouldn't care if a President decided to pull a Mayor Willie Wilson Goode (the 1st African-American Mayor of Philadelphia), and decided to drop a bomb on the block where the MOVE folks lived and were acting up (a Philadelphia-based black liberation group founded by John Africa), as long as Obama, or whoever, left their white asses alone.

And these fearfilled, hatefilled, and hateful bastards REVEL in GITMO, and the fact that America can act likt the worlds biggest bully and can go anywhere around the world, and kill, wound, blow-up, imprison, and torture, us some black and brown people!

It their modern version of "Manifest Destiny."

Philo Vaihinger said...

So you think the concern of progressives is and ought to be choice of weapon?

Sorry, but even the GOP makes more sense than that.

And they don't make sense.