Monday, March 25, 2013


Media Matters reports: writer Matt Boyle reported on the specific location where President Obama's teenage daughters are vacationing for spring break, ignoring the decades-old journalistic tradition that media outlets should not report on a president's minor children when they are not attending "official or semi-official events" for privacy and security reasons.
Similarly detailed stories about a trip taken by the Obama daughters were published in 2010 by AFP and Politico, but were subsequently subsequently deleted or edited.
The Washington Post's Paul Farhi reported at the time that this is part of a longstanding and informal agreement between successive administrations and the White House Correspondents' Association, and that "traditional news organizations have long abided by such arrangements"...
But, obviously, not Breitbart. (Its story is here.)

Simon Maloy of Media Matters tweets:

Well, that's not exactly true. It serves two purposes: it engenders economic anger against the Obamas (with an undercurrent of racial resentment), and it reinforces the right-wing meme that the spending cuts in the sequester could be painless to ordinary Americans if it weren't for waste and self-indulgence among the governing classes.

Here's the Free Republic thread in response to the Breitbart story. The Freepers immediately respond as they've been conditioned to:
The sequester is tough on everybody.


"Sequester for thee, but not for me!", so sayeth the Emperor.


Movin' on up.....


That would be pricess sasha and princess malia. Too bad about their parents. You know, king hussein and queen moochelle antoinette. (not sure, but hussein may be a/the queen but no doubt metro)


This stuff doesn't matter. Not in the least.

The people who voted Obama want a king. They want him and his family to be "big ballas" and live a privileged lifestyle. The Obama voters get a thrill out of seeing their king live large, showing whitey what it's all about.


So let me get this straight. Because some people who are now dead were rotten to other people who are now dead, the royal family feels entitled to live high off the hog at our expense.
I'll spare you the rest. But I think you'll agree that the "utility" of this is obvious.


Victor said...

The filth you read, Steve, to keep the rest of us from having to look at it...

I'd give you a medal, but I'm not sure what to call it - "Sewer Explorere Extrodinaire," just doesn't seem to cut it, does it?

When the Bush twins were sucking down tequila's in Mexico, like they were Tang, most of us on the left kept our mouths shut, because, well, how many of us wouldn't have done the same damn thing if we could had afforded it?

But, or course, our righties have to go "there."
These people are all nucking fut's, and about as useful as festering postules on the anus of humanity.

Do you really want the blood of the child of the President on your already shit and cum covered hands?

Jeez, GET A LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

You'd think I'd be inured to it by now, but I simply can't get over the savagery, cruelty, and ignorance of the Republican base. It's astounding. I don't know what to do or say about it anymore.