Thursday, March 21, 2013


As you probably know, Tom Clements, the head of Colorado's prisons, was shot and killed at his own front door Tuesday night. The folks over at Free Republic haven't settled on a theory regarding who killed Clements -- some suspect Mexican drug gangs (this comes in a lament about "the Mexification of America"); others worry about Muslims ("I think I’ve become more paranoid over the last year. The last 3 deliveries that were made to my home and required the delivery men to be in my home ... were all immigrants from Muslim countries"); others suspect Saudi involvement (a notion authorities are actually looking into, because Clements recently refused to allow a Saudi national to be returned to Saudi Arabia to finish out his sentence for kidnapping and sexually enslaving an employee).

But most of the Freepers think that if a True American Patriot were Clements's killer, that would be perfectly understandable, because government officials who support gun control -- Clements backed the recently passed gun laws in Colorado -- are "oathbreakers":
At some point, I expect this sort of thing to be quite common.


And yet, these oathbreaking tyrants continue to act as if they can trample people's Constitutional rights with impunity, and remain unscathed.

The only thing that protects oathbreakers, in reality, is the longsuffering of the American people, and our reticence to take life while abuses can still be suffered. But there will come a point when that will no longer be enough to protect the oathbreakers, and they will lose their lives as surely as this man did.


But there will come a point when that will no longer be enough to protect the oathbreakers, and they will lose their lives as surely as this man did.


Bureaucratic fragging?

Sadly, it may well come to that. Don't know that this guy "deserved" it, or why he got it.

But when the oppressed finally decide that the oppressors are never going to let up, just get worse and worse, they might well make it open season on elected officials and executive/administrative bureaucrats.

As the US (should have) learned in Nam & the Soviets in Afghanistan, guerrilla warfare is nearly impossible to beat. It's like playing Smack a Mole. Something DHS, with all of its hubris, is going to discover when it clamps down on the general populace. And it will. When, not if.


Sorry to hear this but NOT surprised.
The surprising thing to me is that more gub mint types aren’t offed.
Or their families.
Specially when they continue to f with peoples lives.


Law enforcement had better have some serious discussions with the gun grabbing politicians. LE wants law abiding gun owners on their side.
Oh, and there's this exchange:
Anyone seen Henry Bowman lately?


...or Ranya Bardiwell ?
Henry Bowman is the hero of a gun-culture cult novel called Unintended Consequences; a gun collector, he's targeted by the ATF, and he goes on to murder several ATF agents until, ultimately, "the President of the United States is forced to give an address to the nation relating his intent to repeal the unconstitutional laws including the National Firearms Act of 1934 and Gun Control Act of 1968."

Ranya Badiwell? Oh, the novel she's featured in sounds like a real trip:
... Now, courtesy of former Navy SEAL Matthew Bracken, comes ... a portrait of the apocalypse Bracken fears will overtake America thanks to undocumented immigration from the south. The book is a fictionalized version of the Aztlan conspiracy theory -- the idea that Mexico is secretly planning a "reconquista" (reconquering) of the seven states of the Southwest....

...Bracken's curvaceous 27-year-old heroine, Ranya Bardiwell, tends the fields under the supervision of gun-toting "Internal Security Agency" guards, monitored all the while by a Radio Frequency Identification Device implanted in her shoulder. Through flashbacks, we learn that Bardiwell gave birth to a son five years ago in federal prison. He was taken from her just minutes out of the womb. The action begins as Bardiwell is summoned to the office of a female warden who attempts to seduce her. They take a bubble bath together, during which the warden reveals that Bardiwell's son is living in Albuquerque, N.M., and has been adopted by FBI agent Alex Garabanda and his IRS agent wife.

Enraged at the thought of her child being raised by federal agents, Bardiwell straddles the naked warden and chokes her to death in the tub. She escapes, intent on recovering her son....

Bardiwell is captured by the militia in Albuquerque. But, entranced by her curves and her marksmanship -- demonstrated when she shoots a hippie -- the dashing Comandante Basilo Ramos orders Bardiwell to conduct weapons training for his troops and makes her his mistress, holding her captive in his mansion. In a bizarre scene, Bardiwell drugs Ramos, photographs him sodomizing a communist professor whom he strangles during sex, then escapes out a second-story window, climbing down a rope made from the comandante's silk ties. Bardiwell then hooks up with her child's disillusioned adoptive father, Alex Garabanda, who is suicidal after losing custody of the boy to his ex-wife the IRS agent and her lesbian lover.

Bardiwell and Garabanda set out to rescue the boy from his "two mommies," but first stop to conduct surveillance at a secret meeting of traitorous politicians and "billionaire globalists" drafting a new Constitution to turn America socialist....
Go to the link (it's at the site of the Southern Poverty Law Center) to read the whole plot summary. It's amazing. I don't know if the fact that this is violent-treason-as-porn is frightening or reassuring. But this is what a disturbing number of your fellow citizens are reading in their leisure time.


Grung_e_Gene said...

This is precisely the scenario Second Amendment Heroes reference for the necessity of their arsenals.

They need them to murder local bureaucrats, blacks, leftists and everyone else they deem to have stolen "Their Country From Them".

Victor said...

A better title might have been, "Fifty Shades of Grey Killing Blue."

"Fifty Shades of Fucking Stupid," also works for me.

Philo Vaihinger said...

There is some pretty scary stuff going on.

Everybody agrees that before the civil war the Bill of Rights only constrained the federal government and not the states or lesser jurisdictions.

And the same is true regarding other restrictions expressly placed on the federal government that are to be found in the actual body of the constitution.

But decades after the adoption of the civil war amendments courts began to read the due process clause of the 14th as imposing on the states constraints previously imposed by the constitution only on the general government.

Mostly and most recently this has been the work of liberals, has been bitterly denounced by conservatives, and has not involved the 2nd Amendment.

State regulation of firearms was limited in all that time only by constraints in the state constitutions, usually similar in wording and spirit to the 2nd Amendment.

But recently under pressure of conservative ideology and most certainly not out of consistent adherence to interpretive principle, Scalia and others extended the 2nd Amendment in McDonald to the states.

But McDonald explicitly allows for pretty tight regulation of firearms ownership and the right to carry, as well as outright prohibition of types or classes of firearms.

But McDonald was the camel’s nose under the tent that was all the gun aficionados needed.

Many are now solidly convinced the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual and nearly universal right to own and carry arms against interference from any layer of government.

Of them, many insist no restrictions as to types can be imposed by government and nearly everyone must be allowed to own or carry, openly or not, any or nearly any type of weapon.

Many others, including some who have written as much in conservative outlets like NRO, hold that in any case there is a natural, moral, and God-given right to self-defense that implies a right to own or carry one’s weapon of choice, regardless of what the constitution or laws may say.

And now the really bad news.

Many of these gun enthusiasts are convinced that either or both of a ban on future sales of assault rifles and a ban on future sales of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds would amount to a tyrannical infringement of liberty so great as to justify at least some sort of violent resistance.

Many more agree that outlawing personal ownership of assault rifles or large capacity magazines, whether coupled or not with mandatory buy-backs or confiscation, would be such tyranny.

And I don’t think these assholes are kidding.

Nothing so dangerous as armed men with the bloody delusions of God and morality on their side.

aimai said...

Oh, its borrows liberally from the plot of the Terminator and crosses it with seemingly obligatory "more for me" lesbo sex scenes and snuff porn. Its a natural!

Now I'd like to see them do a Twilight/Terminator/Jesus 'n Mary/Snuff dystopian novel. I think that would be a winner, too.

Steve M. said...

A better title might have been, "Fifty Shades of Grey Killing Blue."


(The alternate suggestion is pretty good, too.)

Steve M. said...

And Philo, I think your fears are justified.

This is why I can't join in the happy "Oh, the Republicans are being killed by demography" dance. The angry white men feel like cornered rats -- armed cornered rats -- and are acting according.

It's also why I can't celebrate Rand Paul's filibuster. These are the people he was really concerned about, not Jane Fonda or Awlaki's son.

trnc said...

I think some might play out that fantasy to their deaths, but I think after a few insurrections are put down most gun owners would decide they'd rather live. They'll save face by saying, "Well, I'm able to some of my guns."

BH said...

Amen, trnc. Once a few crackers decide it's time for their cockeyed "revolution" & discover the real-world consequences ("assault weapons" vs. tanks & 'copter gunships, guess the outcome?), I imagine the remaining crackers will find their way back into the box (while tweeting, twittering and blogging furiously patriotic protests).

And SteveM, I agree... in Tx we've been being told that demographics will save us since at least '94, & it ain't happening. No happy dances here in Mudville, Mighty Demos has struck out-over & over. Well, unless you regard a black state Supreme Court chief justice and an Hispanic US Senator - both, of course, Repubs - as proof of the truth of the demographic-wave theory. I don't; I merely regard it as proof that any winner of a Tx Repub primary is a shoo-in for statewide office.

Philo Vaihinger said...

No one is going to send tanks.

No Democrat in the White House wants another Waco.

Feds take on militia for gun law violations and half the population from the Appalachians to the Rockies think the militia nuts are "our side" and the feds are an alien tyranny.

That includes the hateful cowboy jackasses of the GOP caucus in the senate, who would certainly be cheered on by FOX, Drudge, and the whole RWNM.

Our bigmouth American gun nuts are a sort of local Taliban, no more impressed with or loyal to the federal government than their Afghan counterparts are with the Hamid Karzai.

That is how these loonies from Planet Troll feel about the federal government.

Hell, that is how Rand Paul feels about the federal government!

These people are so shockingly stupid and such utter zanies it's just unbelievable.

People claimed they were shocked a nation as great as Germany could be taken over by those vulgar, demented demons, the Nazis.

We have our own vulgar, demented demons.

They're a good part of our total population.

They regularly elect Republicans.

They're everywhere!

Steve M. said...

Amen, Philo.