Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Yes, modern conservatism is a cult, and no, its members are never going to stop engaging in cult behavior until they're deprogrammed:
Actor and director Jake McClain has taken on the monumental task of tweeting every single word of the 906-page "Obamacare" health reform law in hopes of drawing attention to the bill's content, which he argues is detrimental to the nation's fiscal health.

...[He made] it through the first 22 pages of the lengthy legislation in just four days. He tweeted Monday night that he would begin to tweet out the 23rd page on Tuesday morning, and the effort is drawing attention and admiration from many critics of the law.
Mr. McClain is a 34-year-old actor with a rather, um, thin resume -- four acting credits, one credit as a production assistant and one "special thanks." It's hard to imagine that any of his other work (e.g., his performance as "Choke Boy" in the apparently unreleased Communications Breakdown) could ever top his performance as a zombie (he's the guy on the right) in this episode of the Web series Two Naked Men Making a Sandwich (in the series, the rotating cast of naked men and occasionally naked women leave their aprons on, so the following is SFW):

So McClain hasn't exactly had a stellar career in entertainment -- but now his Obamacare project has been praised by higher-ups in the conservative cult:
He has already landed a spot on Mike Huckabees's radio show....
And now the project has gotten him a link at the Drudge Report. Can multiple interviews on Fox be far behind? Or the inevitable Jake McClain for President Facebook page?

If you want to experience this project -- which, let's not forget, is utterly insane and futile -- here's the Twitter feed.


Victor said...

I don't know.
Maybe I might find something better to do in the next X months, while this twit tweets this.

Like, maybe, watch paint dry.

Or finally get that colonoscopy I didn't have the health care coverage for, but now that I have Medicaid, can finally have.

Or, have a vasectomy, so that, on the offchance this overweight 55 year-old man with a missing front tooth, meets some hot Supermodel and has super-hot sex, I won't be nailed for child support.

Maybe they should broadcast this at Gitmo?
I'd say anything to make this stop.

On the plus side, this will keep this nobody from polluting bad movies and tv shows no one will ever wind up waatchin, with his whack-a-doodle presence.

So, tweet away - TWIT!!!

Roger said...

Carson/McClain '16!

Ten Bears said...

Perhaps not insane, but not all the puppies are barking.

This is an aspect of the Kool-Aid Kulture I had'nt given much thought to, a chicken and egg thing: the synaptic short-circuit or the Kool-Aid. Are these rubes so thoroughly whacked out on doctor drugs and crotch-shots on Fox they just don't know how dangerously stupid they are (not to mention the threat this poses to my grandchildren)? Is their ir-reality a Pavolvian thing? Are they so conditioned by drugs and televised subliminal programming (think the 1984 Apple superbowl commercial) that the fantasy world they inhabit can't be anything but real? Is it a backwards Howard Beale (famously quoted in Digby's banner): do these people actually believe, are they too so whacked out on drugs they believe they are actually acting out the real world? Do they even know they are a part of the Kool-Aid?

Shall I pity them?

No fear...

Anonymous said...

You have to tweet it to see what's in it

M. Bouffant said...

I'm a little more worried about the nation's physical & mental health. When we're all dying in the street (because our vouchers ran out before disease or injury did) fiscal health will be the last thing on anyone's mind.