Thursday, September 06, 2012


This -- from Kevin DuJan of the old PUMA blog HillBuzz (yes, it's still around) -- is so crazy that even the Freepers aren't biting, but it's so preposterous I had to share it:
Kal Penn is to Barack Obama what Marilyn Monroe was to John F. Kennedy

...Some day, twenty years or so form now, you're going to just accept ... that actor Kal Penn and President Obama had a romantic relationship that began on the 2008 campaign trail and continued when Obama asked Penn to move to Washington so they could be close to one another and the two could have sex more frequently.

Future biographies of President Obama must contain entire chapters devoted to how Penn’s presence in the White House affected and strained Obama's relationship with longtime "body man" Reggie Love, who friends and acquaintances since his days playing basketball at Duke described as gay. Penn essentially outed himself as gay [Tuesday] night at the Democrat Convention in Charlotte when he talked about Obama "allowing us all to gay marry", including himself in the "us all" who can now "gay marry". Not many straight guys are excited about being able to "gay marry" because of Obama...or in Penn's case, possibly wanting to "gay marry" Obama in the future.

I personally believe that Barack Obama was molested as a boy by Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed Communist and pedophile living in Hawaii whom Obama's mother Stanley Ann Durham insisted Obama spend time with because she wanted his views to influence her son....
DuJan, in case you don't know, ran HillBuzz as a pro-Hillary Clinton blog in 2008, then switched his allegiance to John McCain, garnering mainstream media attention and Republican praise for the switch. He disappeared from public view for a while, but eventually reemerged as a huge Sarah Palin fan (and also the guy behind the campaign to stuff the Dancing with the Stars ballot box on Bristol Palin's behalf). He also revealed himself to be a rabid Muslimophobe. Oh, and he claimed a couple of years ago that Obama and Rahm Emanuel frequented a certain Chicago gay bathhouse. So this is just more of the usual from Kev, I guess.

Wonder how long it'll be before a GOP congressional candidate cites one of these Obama-is-gay stories as fact.


UPDATE: See M. Bouffant ihn comments for more on DuJan's delusions, and for the Fox News link to all this.


Victor said...

This is a level of either mental derangement, or deterioration of mental capicity due to drugs, alcohol, or huffing, that calls for an intervention by family, friends, neighbors, and/or passers-by.

Now, I hated George W. Bush - but I never thought that Drudge was his secret midnight gay butt-boy, or that Cheney and his oil pals provided the lubricant, and Condi acted as Drudge's beard to public functions, to throw off the scent.

Wait a minute...


M. Bouffant said...

David Frum noted this a month ago, also from Hillbuzz:
You cannot "get" Gutfeld's joke unless you "get" that a large part of his audience ardently believes that Obama is in fact gay, that his marriage is a sham, and that Mrs. Obama leads a life of Marie Antoinette like extravagance to compensate her for her husband's neglect while he disports himself with his personal aides.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Steve, no post about Obama's speech?

I thought it was pretty good.

The main thing he and Bill C had to do was to remind everybody that there is more than "a dime's worth of difference" between the parties, their aspirations, and their leaders.

They did it.

Still sounded like "the party of the people," to me.

Of the two, I mean.

Anonymous said...

I kind of think that perhaps the only reason why we don't hear the "Obama is secretly gay" stuff more often is that, with him being black, racism is such a much more "obvious" choice if you're about to attack him in a bigoted way.

If a straight white male Democrat with personal tastes and interests like Obama's - his food tastes, his interest in kinda "highbrow" reading materials, etc.- would win the White House, claims that he's really gay and that his marriage is a sham would perhaps be one of the most common slurs against him.