Tuesday, September 04, 2012


This morning on NBC, Paul Ryan insisted that he did so tell the truth about that GM plant in Janesville:
"What they are trying to suggest is that I said Barack Obama was responsible for the plant shutdown in Janesville. That is not what I was saying; read the speech. What I was saying is the president ought to be held to account for his broken promises. After the plant was shut down, he said he would lead efforts to restore the plant. It's still idle," said Ryan on NBC’s “Today.” ...

"Right there at that plant, candidate Obama said: 'I believe that if our government is there to support you, this plant will be here for another hundred years,' That's what he said in 2008," Ryan said at the Republican National Convention last week. "Well, as it turned out, that plant didn't last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day."
"That plant didn't last another year" after Obama's remarks? And that's Obama's fault?

Let me remind you when Obama made those remarks: February 13, 2008.

In the ensuing year, George W. Bush was president for 341 days and Barack Obama was president for the last 25 days.

And, of course, Obama hadn't been sworn in when this happened:

Try again, Lyin' Ryan.


: smintheus :: said...

Funny thing. The closure happened on Ryan's watch, but he doesn't assess any blame to himself.

Victor said...

I want him thoroughly "Gored," lying prostate on the ground, and bleeding profusely from each of his thousands of MSM-inflicted wounds.