Wednesday, September 12, 2012


From the first few comments at the Fox Nation thread about the deaths at the U.S. embassy in Libya:
The religion of peace dot com. Brutal savage basta#rds... There is NO peaceful way to deal with these savages....


the sound of a rapid firing weapon tearing into the enemy can be a peaceful sound.


Carpet bomb the whole dam area and quit worrying about muzlim feelings


We need to start by getting rid of them in this country first...


obama is.shitting his pants


Bull feathers. This is what he and the demonrats want.


Obama has offered 3 goats to stop the attacks.


How about we offer Obama


Obama ain't giving up ONE goat. If he did, he'd have to do M00chelle
Ahhh, but I'm sure there's an equivalent thread at some MSNBC site somewhere calling for the death of more U.S. embassy personnel -- right, Alessandra Stanley?


Tom Hilton said...

Holy fuckballs...Alessandra Stanley is just too fucking stupid to live.

Victor said...

I have an idea that will make me rich.
All I need is a venture capitalist to help me.

I want to open up a chain of stores for these great American patriots, our Conservatives.

Any shirt you want, as long as it's brown.

Dark Avenger said...

And they don't need underpants similarly colored, Fox News takes care of that one.

merlallen said...

i bet not one of them is a vet.