Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Here's Politico, in an article inexplicably treating the right's "Empty Chair Day" as something other than the embarrassment that it is:
As conservatives have pointed out on Twitter, AMC is capitalizing on this national conversation with a Monday marathon of Eastwood's films.
Er -- no. AMC is not "capitalizing" on this alleged "national conversation" about the brilliance of Eastwood's empty-chair metaphor. Not according to Entertainment Weekly, which ought to know:
AMC had its Clint Eastwood movie marathon planned way before the whole Invisible Obama thing happened.
Yup -- here's a site called thetvratings.com noting the upcoming marathon in a post dated August 18 -- twelve days before the speech.

Eastwood has a new movie coming out in two and a half weeks -- do you think that might have something to do with AMC's programming choices? (Oh, no -- AMC would never do a marathon of films with a star who has a new movie out! The inspiration must be right-wing excitement over a doddering old man ad-libbing to a chair!)

I give the right credit for persuading Politico and the rest of the political media that Eastwood's speech wasn't a pathetic joke. Maybe that "epistemic closure" thing isn't limited to right-wingers -- maybe it extends to the mainstream political press.

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Victor said...

Does this mean that if, instead of Eastwood, they had gone with the hologram of Reagan, that all of Reagan's movies would have been on AMC?

He and Clint are about the only two film actors I can think of, who did movies with monkeys - real ones, not giant ones - and had major careers afterwards.

About the only way Politico could get worse, is if...

Actually, I don't think it CAN get any worse.

Politico is like some group-effort version of Drudge.